The Miao Emporium

When they’re not napping, snacking, or chasing peacock feathers, the Miaos are busy developing a line of Miao products. Our motto is “A Miao for every occasion”. So far, there are no Miao plushies, though I dream of a day when you can collect them all.

Please visit our rather rudimentary shop on zazzle:

MiaoChronicles on Zazzle

As of December 2011, we only have a couple Christmas cards available. Expect a greater variety in the (near-)future!


5 Responses to The Miao Emporium

    • littlemiao says:

      thanks! Hopefully Chun will keep pestering me so I don’t procrastinate on all my Miao projects. A Miao for every occasion… We need Boxing Day cards for next year.

    • littlemiao says:

      There was a 1/2 price sale on cards so I got Santa Chun cards to see what the quality of printing is like. If Chun approves of them, maybe I could send them to peeps! Christmas cards in January.

  1. Is there a calendar in the works? I’d be totally in for one!

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