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miaoling scarf portraits

two of our favorites from the scarf session. so proud of my miaolings for wearing their scarves so purrfectly!

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miaolings in their scarves

The Miaolings love the cozy winter scarves that their uncle made them a few years ago. In fact they love them so much that they managed to pose for a group photo. Usually Sprocket is too playful to keep his … Continue reading

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treat time

Chun gave his little brother a very special snack.

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somewhat circular sprockles

he is circular in his fleece nest he is even circular in his little box

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Thanks to helpful advice from peeps, I managed to get my edited photos onto Flickr! Here are two celebratory miaolings.

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time for nose-beeping?

it is kind of overwhelming to look at how purrfect of a purr he is.

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pumpkin for my miaolings

pumpkin from my favorite local farm, decorated by foxy

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some not-so-recent miao photos

going through the archives this one is from 2013! I seem to have misplaced the original for this one. it is from last year. I like how floofed out his ruff is in this one. 2013 was a good year … Continue reading

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Happy Blue Donut Day!

On Blue Donut Day, we celebrate Sprocket’s graduation from his Blue Donut, which he wore from the day of his surgery for his leg (1 August*) until 19 September, when he was fully healed and didn’t need it any more. … Continue reading

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artistic miaos

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