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Chun doesn’t wonder why it gets dark so early

It was dark before 5pm today. According to weather.com, the sun set at 4.35pm. How sad. I had to work today so I couldn’t take Miao photos during our too-brief day of sun. 😦 When I went to the gym … Continue reading

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Sprocket’s first snow!!

Yesterday, we had our first snow of the season. Almost 5 inches of fluffy fun! I’m not actually that excited about it, but I am excited that it should mostly melt off over the weekend. I walked barefoot in the … Continue reading

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Caturday cuddles with Kemi

I know today is not Caturday, but these photos were taken yesterday and I think that it is significant that Chun’s first ever cuddle with his Miao uncles was on a Caturday, the day of peace and love and napping, … Continue reading

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kitten scarfs!

Sprocket scarfs down his food. He also looks cute in scarves. He thinks scarves are toys, not fashion accessories. Today, he gets his first kitten shot. I was afraid to have him get more than one at a time because … Continue reading

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Lotus stares

Lotus' stare has been known to send buggies, mice, and photographers running.  (With the buggies and mice running away for their lives, and the photographer running closer for a snorgle). Lotus Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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