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time for nose-beeping?

it is kind of overwhelming to look at how purrfect of a purr he is. Advertisements

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[miao archives] Mani!

magnificent mani toe floof brooding mani stretching mani

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Sprocket purrs. Meanwhile, a little orange glow-worm tries to get his attention. Play both movies simultaneously and you’ll have a duet of purrs. Play both movies back-to-back and you’ll have over five minutes of spurrrrocketing. Any lack of action in … Continue reading

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Mani Blue Eyes

Thanks to Lurkertype’s marvelous suggestion and Capn Stephel’s excellent instructions, I have attempted to make a photo of Mani in black and white except for his blue eyes.

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black & white Mani

More experiments in Mani photography: I like how the first one really highlights his magnificent whiskers.

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Kemi Purr

Listen to the Bear purr.  (There's not much to see in the video, just black). Kemi purr I think it is his "I'm sleepy and you woke me but I love you anyway" purr. Read and post comments | Send … Continue reading

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Purry Merlin

Maybe when I'm at the Miao House next week I can record the Mer Purr.  Until then, all I have are photos: Merskers Merbrows merskers Merface More Merbrows Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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