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Miaoling Group Photo Attempt No. 1

I have not been able to take a Miaoling group photo since the banner photo was taken, the Christmas before last. This attempt was a failure, but at least they are in the same frame. My secret: treats!

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Beret-wearing tips

There are lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to wearing a beret. Here is a simple tip to help you avoid one of the worst beret-wearing blunders: Do not wear your beret as an eyepatch.* *unless it looks … Continue reading

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Happy Donut Day!

A year ago today, Sprocket graduated from his blue donut! He was such a teeny little critter that we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to see him without it. I will be putting something celebratory together for him later … Continue reading

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gloomy day photos

I wasn’t going to take photos today because it was dark and gloomy out, and therefore poor lighting, but Chun practically begged me to get out the camera and his blue beret.

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Sprockers and Lotus!

Little Sprockers likes to hang out with his uncle Lotus because Lotus is super cool. Lotus is okay with it so long as he doesn’t get sprocketted, which is admittedly rare. Photos from June. Possibly posted before.

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Sprocket’s Theme Song & Adoption Day Gifts

Sprocket’s theme song is “The Miracle,” of course! Sprocket got lots of fun gifts to celebrate his Adoption Day. My camera wasn’t cooperating because the battery was too low, so I didn’t get many pictures 😦 . Mama M gave … Continue reading

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Ping and Sprocket, or how not to photograph multiple miaos

Getting Sprocket in the same frame as another Miao is difficult because his boisterousness tends to send everyone running for shelter. Even if I can settle him close to another Miao, I still can’t get a good photo because he … Continue reading

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Still cute.

At least Sprocket is still cute. and sprocketty with feathers.

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Inspirational Tripods – Yoodie the Bunny PLUS !!sprocker baby photos!!

Sprocket isn’t the only bouncy tripod on the world. Yoodie the Bunny’s story is so similar to Sprockerson’s – read it! and here are some sprockitten baby photos. just after surgery! baby bunny sprockers ping-pong sprock slurpy sprocky hamster ball! … Continue reading

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Sunday Cuteness

Technically I missed posting today, because tomorrow began five minutes ago.

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