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Happy Blue Doughnut Day!

Sprocket had a very happy Blue Doughnut Day bouncing around the house doing sprocketty things. We even took some blue doughnut day photos. The following photo may or may not be one of the new ones… I will let you … Continue reading

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Sprockerbee in a teeny box

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Caturday with Blue Blankie

The Miao Brothers composed a Miao-Ku to describe their Caturday plans: find a soft blankie fit for warm fleecy snuggles don’t wake till dinner (baby kitten toe-floof)

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More Purple Squash photos?

My memory is so poor I don’t know if I have posted these photos from the purple squash photo session before. I need to develop a system whereby I indicate on flickr whether I have posted a photo or not. … Continue reading

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Professor Tashi’s photo session got sprocketted

Some teaser photos of the Professor’s photo shoot: Of course, the photo shoot got Sprocketted. The Spawrock paws find the feather duster toy simply irresistible. Despite all the sprocketting, Professor Tashi did get some appropriately elegant photos, to be posted … Continue reading

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mew mew Chunnity-Choo portraits!

Morning brain-teaser: Can anyone tell which of these photos is unlike the others?

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Sprocket Slurp

Teeny tiny sprockey tongue.

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Chun on orange

More Chun photos from yesterday’s session. Chun is such a great model. He looks where I ask him to, his stripes are always in perfect order, and he is as patient with photo shoots as he is with mouse-hunting. I … Continue reading

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Vegan Crane Pie

My Vegan Pie in the Sky arrived today, so my pie-making adventures can commence. Chun is very excited. We made our first pie, vegan crane pie. Simply mix together two dozen folded cranes, leave out until it accumulates a dusting … Continue reading

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Soft Sprock

Yesterday I forgot to do a vegan post! I was so close to meeting my pointless goal of a daily vegan post for a month, but my goal became a victim of my sloth and gluttony. *sigh* I even had … Continue reading

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