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miao library: new acquisitions

I have made some progress reforming my book-buying habits since February. Over the last couple months, I consciously resisted buying books on a whim and/or buying books that looked interesting but may or may not be worthy of inclusion in … Continue reading

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Miao Musings – Cookies, cannibalism, and kitten-friendly literature

– I’m feeling sort of down (or at least I was until the three cups of strong tea and pile of cookies). Part of it is Merlin and the rest is just sort of the general angst that you get … Continue reading

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I may have a problem

I acquired all these books within the last two months. All of them are used. Some of them I got because I know I want them in my Miao Library, but the others (e.g., Jasper Fforde) I got on recommendation … Continue reading

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Sprocket’s October Reading

1. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino – Sprocket finally got through this little gem of a book, his first introduction to world geography. 2. Of Thee I Sing by Barack Obama – My little Miaolings found plenty of career guidance … Continue reading

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A Kitten’s Year by Nancy Raines Day and Anne Mortimer

A Kitten’s Year is like a calendar – each month comes with a gorgeous painting documenting Kitten’s adventures, from a bitty kitty in January to a full-sized kitty in December. Sprocket instantly connected with the little unnamed protagonist, who looks … Continue reading

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Sprocket the botanist

Sprocket is an avid student of botany. It started with his first homeschooling project – growing cat grass – and although the grass has long since wilted, Sprocket’s interest has flourished. Ruth Heller’s The Reason for a Flower is a … Continue reading

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Sprocket’s September Reading List

Sprocket didn’t read as much this month because he was so busy exploring the Miao House and hippity-hopping about without his donut. September Reading List 1. The Third Story Cat by Leslie Baker – A lovely calico has an adventure … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett for Kittens!

Hathor, Chun & Sprocket’s cousin who recently moved to West Virginia, is not what I would describe as an avid reader, but he still enjoys a good tale. When I visited in July, he really sunk his teeth into I … Continue reading

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A kitten’s reading list

Sprocket is a voracious reader. Unlike Chun, whose attention rarely spans longer than a couple seconds, Sprocket enjoys snuggling down with a good book. His tastes are fairly eclectic. He loves Papa Miao’s melodious and soothing reading voice, and he … Continue reading

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Chun and his little brother

I’m in Chun’s room (where Sprocket is staying) with my two Miaolings having a little story and snack time. Chun is quite cautious and prefers to keep his distance from his bouncy, unpredictable, funny-smelling little brother. *bop* Sprocket hopped over … Continue reading

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