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Happy Blue Donut Day!

On Blue Donut Day, we celebrate Sprocket’s graduation from his Blue Donut, which he wore from the day of his surgery for his leg (1 August*) until 19 September, when he was fully healed and didn’t need it any more. … Continue reading

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Miao advice on how to stay warm

Staying warm is a constant struggle. When it is barely above freezing in August, what can you expect for the rest of the year? Luckily, the Miao kitties are experts on how to keep your toes toasty even on the … Continue reading

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[miao archives] My Brave Little Sprockerbee!

Here’s my brave little Sprockerbee the day after his surgery! Believe it or not, he was as sprocketty as ever on that first day. In fact, he sprocketted around in his e-collar so much that it became dangerous and we … Continue reading

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The Blue Donut, two years later

Sprocket has never been a big fan of his blue donut, but he always looks cute in it. Here’s him being annoyed by his blue collar just yesterday: Sprocket in his blue donut! by Miao Miao Miao and even more … Continue reading

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Happy Adoption Day, Sprocket!

Today marks the second anniversary of Sprocket’s adoption! We celebrated with snuggles and toys and pettings and blue donuts. The blue donut barely closes in the back nowadays, and I don’t think it would keep him afloat anymore. Of course … Continue reading

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Sprocket last August

His ears were so dirty from the medicine we gave him, you could hardly tell he had tufts. He was super sprocketty and not at all intimidated by his big brother Chun.

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Little Sprockitten was little!

I have been too lazy to do any photo shoots this week. I realize that my Miao Brothers have been neglected here. Boo. I will make it up to them this coming week, I promise! For now, I dipped into … Continue reading

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