Meet the Miaos

The Brothers

Ping, full-name He-Ping Miao, is the benevolent ruler of the Miao clan. He traces his regal ancestry to the Siberian tigers, who once roamed his homeland of northeast China. Born in 1993, he moved to the United States at the age of three and currently presides with floofy magnificence over the Miaos in Miao Town, USA.

Mani, born in 1996, embodies the ragdoll qualities of floofy floppiness and sweetness of disposition. He has dedicated his life to napping, often competing in catnap marathons. When he is not napping, he is snacking to keep up his strength. His interdigital floof has earned him accolades from connoisseurs of floof around the globe. The extravagance of his interdigital floof is matched by the magnificence of his whiskers.

Kemi: born in 1997, boy

Merlin: born in 1997, boy

Tashi: born in 1998, boy

Tantra: born in 1998, boy

Lotus: born in 2000, boy


The cousins:

Kumar and Lokesh, born in 2007, male, half-brothers

The nephew:

Chun: born in 2009, boy

Coming soon: mini-bios of the Miao Brothers, Chun, and the Bengal cousins


6 Responses to Meet the Miaos

  1. Zotta says:

    Hi, Little Miao! I saw your comment on LeendaDLL’s “Something’s Wrong with Moshi.” I hate to say it but when the cat doesn’t let us sleep we put him outside and shut the door until morning, when he gets fed. Believe me, I know this is very hardz.
    And it really helps that my husband mostly does all of the banishing so I don’t have to.
    Am grateful. Love your banner and latest photos are awesome! Would love to meet the Bengals. We keep thinking ours was secretly mixed with an African Serval but the mixed breed Savannah I think has sports not stripez. <3, Z.

  2. Zotta says:

    PS: Glad to find you, too.

  3. lahgitana says:

    Oh! Our BuddyBoop, who adopted us through the cat door, is Ragdoll, I’m sure! He also has interdigital floofiness, a picture of which I posted not too long ago! >:-D He also is about the sweetest thing around–he loves everybody and assumes everybody loves him!

    Our other kitty Calpurrnia has taught him to defend himself–I understand that the “developer” of the breed actually bred for lack of aggression, which was a shite thing to do to a cat.

    They don’t fight too seriously–early on, Calpurrnia was so irritated with his intrusions that she walked up to him and whacked him over the head with one paw, no claws–whap whap whap. He stood there, taking it, and he’s taller/bigger than she is. Now, he has progressed to sitting on his haunches and flailing his paws at her when she is irritable with him.

    Whew, that was long-winded. I meant to ask–does Mani have aggressive instincts?

    • littlemiao says:

      Thank you for sharing your ragdoll experiences! Two of the Miao Brothers are ragdolls – Mani and Lotus. Mani is one of the cuddliest and sweetest kitties possible. He is very friendly and not afraid of strangers. But at the same time, he has always had a feisty aggressive streak, ever since he was a kitten. Some people/kitties he loves immediately, but sometimes it takes him a while to warm up to somebody. He is a big believer in head bops, growlies, and hissing when necessary. He also has the somewhat disruptive habit of biting everyone’s ears at dinnertime. so either he managed to transcend the strictures of his breed or he isn’t 100% ragdoll. Without a doubt, he is 100% floof.

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