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Nap in Mouse Gardens

We call the room where Chun is napping Mouse Gardens, even though there are neither mice nor green things in it. The name helps to create a certain atmosphere of luxury that the Miaolings find to be particularly conducive to … Continue reading

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Sprocket from the archives


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Springtime floof

I had a chance to enjoy our snowy and blizzardy day both on my walk to and from work today. I even got some photos of the snowbound crocuses and little purple flowers that have started blooming, but alas I … Continue reading

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What is wrong with this photo?

*If your answer is the empty dish, you are right!

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Who doesn’t like to eat rainbows?

They’re yummy! (March 2010)

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Can you spot the Sprock?

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Miaoling miscellany

This photo is somewhat unfocused, but it shows Sprocket stretching out, which isn’t a view I can capture often. Chun has a box on the dining room table, aka my desk, which he has been reshaping for several months now. … Continue reading

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Happy Adoption Day, Chun!

then now

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Peeps! Help! Suggestions needed for removing litter box

Mew. It has been too long. I wouldn’t blame everyone for abandoning the Miao Chronicles. I’ve been a very neglectful for the last few months… years…? But for any of you who are still here, I need some advice! (with … Continue reading

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Still here!

We’re still here, peeps! Trying to get back into the swing of things. I am out of touch with everyone but I will try to fix that. Mew. Here’s a Sprocket. Photo from several months ago. He is showing off … Continue reading

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