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Yesterday was Toesday. Here are some Ping Toes.

I am attempting to revive Toesday on the Miao blog. Better late than never, right? Feathers and Ping!

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Sprocket Nose and Dirty Toes

Someone needs to teach Sprocket how to scrub his little kitten toes – all 14 of them! Venus and the crescent moon – so beautiful tonight. I picked some lilacs by the moonlight, much to the approval of Lotus, who … Continue reading

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King Ping has decreed that you must celebrate Toesday Floof.

Who could disobey the King? Celebrate floofy Toesday!!

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Chun’s seal point Siameseness

I learned that Chun is a seal lynx-point Siamese. See the charts posted by ThreeCatYard. Chun has a dark nose-border and his stripes are black and his paw-pads are black. Seal point toes Seal point nose Sprocket’s toes are bicolored, … Continue reading

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A midnight snack of Interdigital Floof

Today, we have not one serving but two of interdigital floof. This time, Lotus Batcat’s: In case you’re still hungry, here are some older photos from the Miao Archives: Sprocket has a little ways to go before his interdigital floof … Continue reading

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Sprawwwket Pawwws

Sprocket just sprocketted by with Chun on his tail. Chun leap-frogged him, and now they both scampered up the stairs. Back down the stairs, Sprocket chasing Chun. Now Sprocket is after the big Bear. I know, I know, video would … Continue reading

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Toesday Sprocket Paws

Sprocket paws are particularly difficult to photograph because they are always in motion.

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interdigital floof overload!

Lotus! Tweets! Ping! Tash! Mer! Kem! Chun! and last but certainly not least: MANI!!

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Ping toes on Caturday

If you look closely, you can make out the royal paw prints. This is a good Caturday for napping, even better than usual because the warm weather is particularly conducive to somnolence. Lotus Batcat is the only bouncy one in … Continue reading

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fuzzy toesday

Chun’s paws are so fuzzy and soft. Even though he is declawed, he doesn’t mind me playing with them. Sometimes I see him napping there and I can’t decide if I should beep his nose or tickle his toes. I … Continue reading

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