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Happy Caturday from Sprocket

Sprocket has a snorglicious ruff. I can’t imagine why he looks cross in the last photo. Maybe he hasn’t gotten enough Caturday snorgles yet.

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Caturday Cat Toys!

The Miaos had a wonderful surprise today! They received their order from Edgar’s Playhouse on etsy. Of course Sprocket had to monopolize all the toys, even though there were way more than enough to share. the toys are absolutely adorable … Continue reading

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Intense Tashi & Expressive Miaolings!

It has been a while since I’ve posted. I think these photos are from last Caturday, Lotus’ Birthday! But I actually didn’t get any of Baby Loty that day. It was sunny. Now it is rainy/overcast but I’m not complaining … Continue reading

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Caturday Sunshine

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Caturday preparations

Chun is looking forward to unwrapping his Caturday presents. Because even with Hanukkah and Christmas Eve overlapping, the most important holiday is still Caturday.

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Not feeling the floof today…

That is a blasphemous sentiment for Caturday! But I am so cranky and out of sorts. Since I got home this afternoon, my Miaolings have worked hard to improve my mood. First Chun, following me around like an affectionate puppy … Continue reading

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Caturday preparations

Ping prepares for Caturday with a yawn. I am preparing for Caturday by decluttering my bedroom, the kitchen counters, and possibly cleaning the bathroom. I am also going to go running and make some yummy food. The Miao Brothers are … Continue reading

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Inspirational messages from Ping

Ping is very inspirational with his floofy magnificence and benevolent, hopeful expression. His expression says: Caturday is just around the corner. This one says: Caturday is a place in your heart. Let your worries melt into floof.

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BatCaturday Floof Overload!!!!!

Guess what? We have more Lotus floof for BatCaturday!!! Help yourself to as much as you can snorgle. Our supply is unlimited, but you have to wait in line. Loto floof from 2005! Loto floof up close!

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BatCaturday Floof Post

Cap’n Stephel reminded me that it is about time to share some Batcat floof. Luckily, we have enough for everyone. Yesterday, it was noted that Mani floats on floof. So does Lotus. Maybe it is a ragdoll thing. Here are … Continue reading

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