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Farewell, Ping

7 December 1993 – 23 August 2014 You are missed.

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– Ping is recovering from pancreatitis and a worsening of his kidneys. There were a few rough days last week, but he is so much stronger this week and he even gained a pound. – Sprocket’s undiagnosed twitchy condition flared … Continue reading

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Still sneezy but better overall

Chun is still occasionally sneezy. He seems more sneezy this evening than before. But since Tuesday, he has improved dramatically. He was already acting pretty normal by Tuesday evening and yesterday he didn’t act sick at all, except for the … Continue reading

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Back from the vet

Not our regular vet because the drive is too long. The one we saw was good, though I did miss our regular vet. So, no surprise after hearing his snuffles this morning, he has an upper respiratory infection. His lungs … Continue reading

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Chun isn’t feeling well

Last night he was fine, except for sneezing a few times in a row. He vomited early in the morning and probably had a hairball (it’s hard to tell who they belong to unless you witness the act). He didn’t … Continue reading

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Missed you!

To all the peeps wondering how the Miaos are doing, everyone is okay and Sprocket is doing great, though not 100% better and we don’t really have any more answers than we did before. It has been a rough couple … Continue reading

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so now I have to pay $35 to talk to the vet for 30 minutes to answer questions they should have answered after Sprocket’s office visit on 15 Nov? wtf? Sprocket was *much* better last week but this week has … Continue reading

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