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[miao poll] Who chomped whom?

Unsuccessful Group Photo by Miao Miao Miao I was trying for that most elusive of shots: the Miaoling Group Photo. You can see by their expressions that these two Miaolings have no intention of cooperating for a group portrait. I … Continue reading

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[miao poll] Help make the Miao Chronicles better!!

As part of the revival of the Miao Chronicles, I am entertaining new ideas for Miao Chronicle content. Sprocket Miao would like to try his paw at photography, naturally featuring some of his favorite subjects: spiders, dust bunnies, cobwebs, centipedes, … Continue reading

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A Sprocketty Giveaway/Poll

I finally sifted through my WP spam folder and discovered a couple long-time Friends of the Miaos had landed there by accident. I also discovered a rather intriguing comment on Sprocket’s layered boxes post. Thank you for yet another sweet … Continue reading

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