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Miaoling playtime! [miao movie]

Get an inside look at a Miaoling playime! WARNING: Contains sprocketting! And mildly disturbing sound effects (if you are a cat trying to figure out why someone is growling and yowling in your vicinity). When I played the video, poor … Continue reading

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Sprocket’s amazing leap! [miao movie]

For the first time ever, Sprocket leaped from the kitchen table to the counter! The video is only seven seconds long – blink and you’ll miss it. I haven’t figured out how to play things in slow motion, but on … Continue reading

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three exciting miao movies from last night, in which Ping and Sprocket do not do much at all

Last night during the photo session, Sprocket started panting from the heat. So I turned the air-conditioning on and watered my Sprocket and let him cool himself on the vent. Tomorrow is supposed to be 99 degrees so I guess … Continue reading

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a silly sprocker song! [video!]

Sprocket inspired Papa Miao to sing a little song. and some more red-white-and-blue sprockers!

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Growly Sprockers VIDEO!!!

Sprockers only growls over his feathers when there are other kitters nearby. This time it was Chun, who loves playing with feathers too but did not try to join in due to the fact that Sprockers always wins. Or maybe … Continue reading

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New Miao Movie >>> Miaos in the cat tree!

Okay peeps. The first two seconds are the best. You’ll see why. The lighting is awful. For that I apologize. I need more practice. My Miaos need more movies. This takes place after Chun chased Lotus up the tree and … Continue reading

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Sprocket stalks Chun through the tall grass

Watch this three-part action adventure thriller featuring teeny little Sprocket and his grass-chomping brother Chun! Note: Although Sprocket is donut-free in these movies, they were actually recorded several days before he technically gained his freedom.

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