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Contemplating Lotus Floof: A Miao-ku

Lotus has inspired a meteorological miao-ku. silvery and soft sunlight glowing behind clouds diffuse floofy mist

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It’s a Little Sleepy Miao-Ku

maybe not the most inspired miao-ku ever, but it’s been a while. sleepiness is shaped like a three-legged pumpkin painted black and white

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Caturday with Blue Blankie

The Miao Brothers composed a Miao-Ku to describe their Caturday plans: find a soft blankie fit for warm fleecy snuggles don’t wake till dinner (baby kitten toe-floof)

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Chun Miao composes three Miao-Kus!!

pounce, little brother! you can chase me up the stairs and I’ll bop your head my new friend the crane more colorful than a mouse but not as tasty tunnel in a pile of red, yellow, and orange autumn fun … Continue reading

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Siamese Whisker Fan Miao-ku!

a fan of whiskers stirring in the gentle breeze of a kitty’s purr Right now, I am typing one handed so that I can pet Sprockers while blogging. He is a little three-legged dumpling. I hope his doctor doesn’t chide … Continue reading

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Three-legged tree-climbing kittens

I have to admit that Sprocket is a better tree-climber than Chun. Chun is better at the running leaps to launch himself onto the tree, but once he is there, his lack of front claws gives him a significant disadvantage. … Continue reading

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Serious Sprocket Miao-Ku

if you don’t give me yummy treats and some cuddles i’ll nibble your toes

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Dreams of my Prince

It has been almost month. I dream of him almost every night, but when I wake I cannot remember the dreams. I want to remember. If dreams and memories are all that remain of him, I want to hold on … Continue reading

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Monday Miao

start your week out right snuggled with a floofy miao snoring in your ear

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Time for a nose beep

and a new Miao-Ku beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

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