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BatCaturday Floof Post

Cap’n Stephel reminded me that it is about time to share some Batcat floof. Luckily, we have enough for everyone. Yesterday, it was noted that Mani floats on floof. So does Lotus. Maybe it is a ragdoll thing. Here are … Continue reading

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ticks everywhere

I was so productive today that my head is still reeling from it. Out of 24 items on my to-do list, I accomplished 14. Admittedly, I inflated my list by including mostly items that take fewer than 5 minutes to … Continue reading

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flower identification help, please!

When I cleared a bunch of weeds from my backyard (though only a small fraction of the total), I discovered these lovely flowers blooming behind some very large bush-like weeds. Perhaps these flowers were planted here intentionally once-upon-a-time. They are … Continue reading

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an overwhelmed miao

To be completely honest, it doesn’t take very much to overwhelm me, and once I am overwhelmed, I tend to not bother doing anything at all. Back when I was in school, I could always study instead. Now I don’t … Continue reading

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wild ginger + mint?

I’m pretty sure this is wild ginger. Unfortunately, it is inedible so I cannot consider it part of my herb garden. In Chinese herbal medicine, wild ginger is a powerful warming medicinal that is used for things such as pneumonia … Continue reading

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miao updates: neglected blog & neglected yard

Since moving back to Miao Town, I’ve been struggling to get back into the rhythm of things. It has taken six months but I am finally getting somewhere. I miss posting and commenting. It seems that when I stop taking … Continue reading

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