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miss him so much

It has been a year since Prince Tweet’s death. here is the miao-ku Lurkertype composed for him. From “Gizmo” to Prince. Tantra was royal to the end. Miss you, floofy Tweets. Advertisements

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Thankful for floof

To offset the complaining of my last post, here is a list of things I am thankful for. 1. My kitten Sprocket, his fairy godmother who rescued him off the side of the road, and the wonderful doctors and vet’s … Continue reading

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I miss you, my Prince

It has been almost three months. I miss him every day. I still look for him in the window when I come home, especially when it’s sunny. Prince Tweets in June Found this while sorting through my Miao Photos.

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Dreams of my Prince

It has been almost month. I dream of him almost every night, but when I wake I cannot remember the dreams. I want to remember. If dreams and memories are all that remain of him, I want to hold on … Continue reading

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Remembering Tantra

Another long day, and I’m glad I was working because as long as I was working, I wasn’t crying. When I took a nap, I kept waking up panicked, newly remembering that Tantra is gone. We appreciate and cherish all … Continue reading

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Prince Tantra’s final post

Prince Tantra is no longer with us. He died early this morning. After he bounced back a couple weeks ago, things started to go downhill again. I didn’t post about it because I was waiting for good news to share. … Continue reading

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miao kitty update

This morning, Sprocket visited the doctor, who absolutely adores him. She is happy with his recovery, but he has irritated a couple of his stitches, probably by trying to scratch his ear with his missing leg. They replaced the stitches … Continue reading

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