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a belated birthday post

Mani’s 20th birthday was on 14 November. He is doing well despite a couple ongoing health problems that seem to be under control these days. here is a relatively recent photo of Lotus and Mani. //

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Mani photos!

Mani doesn’t like sitting still for the camera, because he needs to get close enough to me for pettings.

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Mani’s favorite nap spot

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sleepy snapshots

I actually took these photos in December! Maybe we’ll organize a real photo shoot soon. >^..^< For some reason, the Miaolings really like to nap in cardboard trays! view 1 view 2 Oh noes, t looks like Loto doesn’t have … Continue reading

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ragdoll snuggles

mani and lotus

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Miao Poll Results

The results are in: Everyone wants more Miao Kitty photos, and they don’t appear to be too particular about the nature of these photos, so long as they are of Miao Kitties, and they get posted. The good news is, … Continue reading

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Mani warms up to the Miaolings

Generally Mani keeps his distance from the Miaolings and they know to keep their distance from him too. Sprocket sprockets everyone else but he doesn’t dare (or rarely dares) to sprocket Mani. The magical love seat has brought them closer. … Continue reading

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Exciting Developments in the Miao House

Not a new kitty. A new couch. For the kitties. It’s a love seat, but with a bit of care, it can accommodate all five Miao Kitties AND me. Considering the small size of the couch and the large size … Continue reading

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Mani likes to nap

but I managed to find a rare moment when it was sunny enough for pictures and he was actually awake. Mani in his favorite floofified nap-spot.

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daily miaos!

Daily Miaos would be nice. There used to be daily Miaos. Here are some Miaos from today. Mani Miao Ping, looking slightly rumpled but with more ruff Chooper napping behind a mound of laundry Sprocky in a sprocket-sized fleece bed

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