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breaking the silence

Kemi passed away shortly after my last post. It’s been difficult coming back here. I miss him a lot. All of us do. I don’t have a lot of words. He was a wonderful, huggable Bear of a kitty and … Continue reading

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Kemi isn’t doing so well today. We’ll be taking him to the vet first thing in the morning. He has had a couple of days of low appetite and now he’s lethargic and unhappy. We’re worried. Please keep him in … Continue reading

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Kemi is everyone’s favorite snuggle bear. sprocket and his bear It always takes Sprocket a few minutes to settle down, but Kemi patiently puts up with his silliness and then they take a nap.

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the window-seat

Chun’s room has a lovely makeshift window-seat that is a favorite nap spot for many Miaos. like Lotus and Kemi Sprockers and Kemi Chun loves the window-seat too, but he doesn’t know how to share. When someone else is there, … Continue reading

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Tummy Rubs for Chun

Sprocketty took it as a invitation to pounce, and a wrestling match ensued. This is Sprocket’s favorite spot, by the screen door that looks out onto the back yard. I have a theory that his three-leggedness allows him to fit … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Bear, Sprocket Update, and Hypochondriac Ramblings

Happy 15th Birthday, Kemi-Bear! That is last year’s photo. It is a gloomy day today, but I still plan to take a birthday Bear portrait. Sprocket update: no Benadryl yesterday or today. The vet said that it would probably be … Continue reading

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Random Miao Snapshots from March

Tashi & Kemi Snuggles Sprocket Sleeps chun with mousie Chun wants tummy snorgles I desperately need to take some fresh photos, but I probably won’t be able to until Caturday.

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Window Miaos!

I’m back with some Comparative Miaoing for Caturday! Almost as big as a Bear! Miaoling vs. Miaoling Sprocket isn’t quite as tall as Chun yet. But he’s growing! And as sprocketty as ever. making a silly face. can you see … Continue reading

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I’m still here and so are the Miao Brothers and -lings

Here are a couple fresh photos from today. I haven’t posted much lately and one of the reasons is because I haven’t taken many new photos. I’ve been sad and sleepy and all I’ve done in my spare time is … Continue reading

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Sleepy Evening Snuggles

I haven’t had a serious photo session in a while, but I took these snapshots tonight. The Miao Brothers are still napping, except for Mani who is snacking. Tashi is snuggling with Ping. Lotus’s floofy tail makes such a comfy … Continue reading

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