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I may have a problem

I acquired all these books within the last two months. All of them are used. Some of them I got because I know I want them in my Miao Library, but the others (e.g., Jasper Fforde) I got on recommendation … Continue reading

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in which littlemiao confesses to hoarding glass bottles

…the decluttering continues… This is the first of many confessions. I have a rather large collection of kombucha bottles. I haven’t gotten rid of a single one for almost two years. There are an unknown number (no fewer than ten) … Continue reading

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Another Confession, by littlemiao

Sometimes when I am at home with my computer on my lap instead of a kitty, I think longingly of my Miaos, but instead of getting up to find one (or three), I go to my flickr account and look … Continue reading

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