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floof in my food

I’m not sure why I started a food blog, but I did. I think I was curious about having multiple blogs on WP. Also, I wanted an additional incentive to improve my food photography. And since cooking food (and eating … Continue reading

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Kombucha for kitties, not for zombies

Kombucha is one of my favorite things ever. It is a fermented drink made with probiotic cultures and black tea. I discovered it two years ago when my roommate moved in with a big huge jar of symbiotic colonies of … Continue reading

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How I celebrated World Vegan Day with my Miaolings

My sources tell me today is World Vegan Day. I celebrated. Here’s how: 1. Sleeping in until a shamefully late hour (after 8!), anchored down by Chun, who isn’t vegan and can sometimes be a corrupting influence in my life, … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies! for Halloween!!

Capn Stephel brought my attention to this vegan chocolate chip pumpkin cookie recipe. It looked easy enough and we were out of vegan cookies (oh noes!) so I made some last night. Pumpkin and chocolate is an obviously delicious combination, … Continue reading

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Little Miao’s Post-Caturday To-Do List & November Goals & Miaoling Costume Ideas

Since I enjoyed the challenge of posting something vegan-related almost every day for almost a month, I have decided to give myself a couple goals for November. 1. Take daily Miao photos, rotating between Miaos so that everyone gets equal … Continue reading

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The recipe for a tongue-numbing vegan dining experience

Today I thought I would try an exciting variation of the sesame peanut pasta to which I am so joyfully addicted. If there is a peanut butter shortage in the following months, I am probably the source of it, because … Continue reading

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Vegan Crane Pie

My Vegan Pie in the Sky arrived today, so my pie-making adventures can commence. Chun is very excited. We made our first pie, vegan crane pie. Simply mix together two dozen folded cranes, leave out until it accumulates a dusting … Continue reading

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Laziest post ever

I made vegan chocolate chip cookies yesterday. They were yummy, and short-lived. I am making a soupy chickpea plus rice thingy inspired by Supermarket Vegan. I hope it will be yummy. It will have cilantro and I know not everyone … Continue reading

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very colorful black beans and rice! with recipe!!

I present here one of my other Supermarket Vegan favorites, Cuban-style fried rice with black beans and pineapple. You can find the original recipe on this blog. Having made it several times, I tend to modify it. It is a … Continue reading

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Just add bacon? (and other food photography ideas)

As this post will show, I am desperately out of vegan post ideas. (or just too lazy to type up the recipe I made tonight…) I have somewhat of an ethical dilemma. If I blanketed Sprocket with strips of fake … Continue reading

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