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Eeek, a spider!

It does not take much these days for me to scream. Last night, I was rescuing a medium-sized ant from Sprocket. Just as I neared the door, my hand shook and it fell off the paper into oblivion or, more … Continue reading

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Dessert for the Batcat

As I am typing this post, Lotus Batcat is happily slurping up the cobwebs in my window. Occasionally, he chomps more vigorously, I assume when he has encountered a particularly yummy morsel. His appetite for spiders and buggies is legendary, … Continue reading

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monsters under my bed

Chun and Lotus have convinced me that there is Something in my room – or possibly in my walls. I have had this suspicion for months, mostly due to rustling noises in the wall, odd feline behavior, and my innate … Continue reading

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a bug on the ceiling!

Whenever Chun gets all excited and perky-eared, I get worried that there is a buggie lurking close by.

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ticks everywhere

I was so productive today that my head is still reeling from it. Out of 24 items on my to-do list, I accomplished 14. Admittedly, I inflated my list by including mostly items that take fewer than 5 minutes to … Continue reading

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insect invasion in the miao house!

I was working at my computer when I heard a strange buzzing noise from the living room. It took a few moments for it to register. When I went to investigate, I saw Tashi & Mani crowded together by the … Continue reading

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