miaolings in their scarves

The Miaolings love the cozy winter scarves that their uncle made them a few years ago. In fact they love them so much that they managed to pose for a group photo. Usually Sprocket is too playful to keep his teeth to himself when he is next to Chun, and Chun is too distrustful of Sprocket to consent to pose with him. But during this session, Sprocket was so well-behaved, I am still amazed. I didn’t even ask him to join Chun on the photo platform (aka my dresser), he just invited himself, which might have been a recipe for disaster, but Chun decided to be the most patient brother he could be. Unfortunately I had trouble getting a photo in focus but still, the Miaolings make any photo purrfect and perhaps this is a sign that the Miaolings will cooperate for photos even more in the future.


Chun wouldn’t be Chun if he didn’t let some of his brotherly annoyance show through.

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2 Responses to miaolings in their scarves

  1. They both look magnificent in their soft scarves…..colors suit each of them purrfectly. Love the group shot…..bet that won’t happen often!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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