some not-so-recent miao photos

going through the archives

this one is from 2013!

chun in blue beret

I seem to have misplaced the original for this one. it is from last year.
sprocket rainbow

I like how floofed out his ruff is in this one. 2013 was a good year for miao photos.
sprocket in little red hoodie

and here are a couple Chun classics
chun 12-8-2011 1-44-37 PM
chun brooding over flower

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9 Responses to some not-so-recent miao photos

  1. Laurie says:

    I don’t remember seeing the rainbow bow-tie before — it and the background are stunning with Sprocket’s fur!

  2. leendadll says:

    i love the rainbow and super floof ones!

  3. aubrey says:

    What a sense of color and composition you have! Or did you take the advice of Sprocket and Chun?

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