Photos unrelated to the events described

I am playing an extended game of fetch with Chun while reading The Little Prince and also going through the few photos I took during my extended neglect of the Miao Chronicles. Chun received six mousies in honor of his adoption day and Lotus’ birthday, and they perfectly fit his requirements in terms of size, aerodynamics, and taste.

Oh! Chun just nibbled my knee because I am neglecting his game of fetch.

jan 2016

jan 2016
2016-01-05 4

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3 Responses to Photos unrelated to the events described

  1. Mark's Mews says:

    I play fetch with TBT while he eats his dinner an tosses me my rattley mousies. An sometimes when I get all into mousie-mode, he sneaks in a piece of chickie from his plate. But mostly, I am loving the scritchies I get when I bring the mousie back. ~ IZA

  2. WOW Chun – you had a “six mouse adoption day” and that’s certainly quite a crop of goodies! It appears from the photos that during your absence from blogdom, Sprocket has managed to grow a beautiful bunch of EXTRA floofiness too……….!!

    Hugs to All,

  3. leendadll says:

    I think of you when Beba does “meerpuff”… haven’t managed to capture a photo yet.

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