See what the Miaolings are doing

it’s naptime, of course!
chun nap

Sprocket is particularly fond of napping with his back leg supported on something, like the edge of his Fido bed, or sometimes on a chair rung. He has always liked his Fido bed, which due to its name and the little doggie trademark I assume was originally intended for puppies, but he has liked it even more ever since I combined it with Blue Blankie.
sprocket in fido bed with foots up

Chun is very fond of his fleecy nest too. He gets sulky when Sprocket naps in it.
chun in his sleepy nest

Sprocket looking sweetly sprocketty
sprocket face

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11 Responses to See what the Miaolings are doing

  1. Cats & Co says:

    But aren’t cats better than puppies? 😉

  2. So absolutely gorgeous are the boys…… that Sprock props up his left on the edge of something….that’s so cute and that last photo – magic in those eyes!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Obviously I meant LEG and not LEFT above – I really should read what I write before I hit SEND! 🙂


  4. I can’t believe how grown up little Sprocket is! I remember all those adorable videos and cute kitten pictures just after he adopted you… Sniff, sniff… Brings a little tear to my eye to see him looking so handsome and black and white…

  5. Lauri says:

    Love the contented look on Chun’s face!

  6. Mark's Mews says:

    Few things beat napping…

  7. Redscylla says:

    What sweeties! I love curled up, cuddly kitties. So glad they’re doing well.

  8. leendadll says:

    My kitties are semi-obsessed with my Mexican blankets. Since I brought one out of the closet, Espressa’s been on it nearly 24/7, completely abandoning her fleece. I already have 3? 4? 5? mexican blankets but if I take the pending medical-tour of Tijuana, I’ll probably pick up more.

  9. aubrey says:

    Sproket is so striking – jade pools for eyes and those black and white puzzle pieces making up his nose!

    And is Chun sort of a grey-ish/lavender? His photo portraits seem to be cast in a palette of blues and evening skies…

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