step by sprocketty step

here’s sprocket at the top of his steps. he has a really cool set of steps that can hold up to 200 lbs and are carpeted for the comfort of his little toesies. i was going to buy him at least another set on amazon but now the price has more than doubled. poor sprockles. he’ll have to make do with his makeshift steps.



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5 Responses to step by sprocketty step

  1. Marilia says:

    Oh! For an second i thought i saw my Nelson!

  2. He looks like he loves being on top peeking out the window….you know steps are pretty easy to make with some cheap wood, nails, and a bit of carpeting. Cheaper than buying them anyway! I’m getting my husband to make some for Sam – his arthritis keeps him from climbing up on things these days.


    • littlemiao says:

      I wish I were capable of simple craft projects… I afraid it would end up all wonky though. Looking forward to seeing Sammy’s new steps. I’m sure he will love them.

  3. He’s standing up on his one back leg? Wow, he is a strong boy! He looks like he’s back to his old Sprocketty self as well.

    • littlemiao says:

      his front feets are on the windowsill, but yes, his back leggo is really super strong.

      he still gets twitchy sometimes and then i get nervous that he’s going to have an episode again, but for the most part he has been doing well. he’ll start to get twitchy and then run to one of his safe spots where he’ll be able to calm down.

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