Happy 20th Birthday to Ping, King of the Miaos!

Today, the 7th of December, is Ping’s 20th birthday!

Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on 500px.com
Ping on his 20th birthday

Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on 500px.com
Birthday Ping!

Sprocket has been doing better again, since around midnight. Ping’s birthday has brought us good luck! Ping himself has been enjoying his day with naps and good food and even some playtime with the turbo toy with the ball.

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15 Responses to Happy 20th Birthday to Ping, King of the Miaos!

  1. Wow! Happy birthday to the inimitable, wonderful Ping! And good that Sprocket’s doing better — I hope he’s soon his regular Sprocketty self.

  2. Happy purrfday, King Ping! He looks magnificent!

  3. Lurkertype says:

    Long (er) live the King!

    He is as majestic and handsome as ever.

    Give him a skritch for me.

  4. Mr. Lurker Type says:

    Yay, Ping!

  5. martinjh99 says:

    Wow Ping you don’t look a day over 5…. (In other words you look younger than you are!) Hope you had/have a nice one my purry friend! Hope your lil brother Sprocket is fine too!

  6. Ping the magnificent turns twenty—–Ping you are an inspiration to this “young” 14-year old who is hoping to make it to the ripe old age of 20 too……you look bright-eyed, happy, healthy and of course fluffy as ever….I hope you enjoyed your birthday pawty. Here’s to many more! Also I’m happy to hear Sprocket was able to celebrate the occasion with the rest of the family…..I hope he’s on the upside of his issues too!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom too)

  7. paul says:

    Happy birthday Ping!!!

  8. Drude says:

    Long live King Ping!! Long may his benevolence reign!! and I hope Sprockers gets well soon too.

  9. SingingTuna says:

    PING the Magnificent, indeed! Happiest of Birthdays, Ping!!!!

    And Sprocket’s feeling better? YAY!!!!!!!!!!! That’s FABULOUS news!!!!
    ::happy dance::

  10. lauowolf says:

    Oh he is a lovely, lovely kitty.
    Tell him that from me.
    There is something very moving in older cats, as if they have distilled all the catly virtues, becoming more completely feline, but at the same time lighter and fairer.
    Beautiful, beautiful boy.

  11. Mark's Mews says:

    20th? WOW! GO PING!!! We are in awe.

  12. GanLu says:

    happy birthday ping!!!

  13. AuntieBellum says:

    Happy (late) birthday Your Floofy Majesty!!

  14. Holy cow-spotted cat! Happy Belated Birthday, Ping! I hope that next year we’ll get to see photos of Littlemiao and Ping celebrating over champagne or fancy cocktails with little umbrellas. 🙂

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