A better day

Sprocket had a much better day today, not totally symptom-free but so much better than the last day and a half. Thank you for all your good thoughts. I really appreciate the suggestions. Right now, I am keeping a journal with Papa Miao’s help so we can track patterns for his episodes. I actually started doing that pretty much at the beginning. If there are patterns, we will find them.

I haven’t contacted the vet again because he is doing so much better today. We have had so many ups and downs that it is hard to remain optimistic, but still, any improvement is a good thing. I would say that he is doing as well today as he was Saturday or Sunday, only he has been on 1/2 dose of the corticosteroids instead of a full dose. I’m still not convinced to what degree the medication has been helping him. I also still feel unsettled about the vet’s approach and the communication issues that I perceive. One of the ways to avoid this problem is by being firmer with them. I shouldn’t accept answers that I feel are cursory and that leave me with the same questions I started with. I could, for starters, insist on speaking to the vet. If they refuse, that would tell me something. I feel like they should be making the effort to figure this out, but we’ve had to poke and prod them the whole way. I don’t even know if they would have followed up on their own and told us to start tapering his meds if we had not called them first. Of course I don’t want to take my anxiety and frustration out on them, but it would only have required a teensy bit of extra effort on their part to make me feel like they were in this together with me.

Okay. I’m done complaining. I’m just glad that Sprocket is doing better.

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15 Responses to A better day

  1. Laurie says:

    Good luck, LittleM and Sprocket! I second the Feliway suggestion from yesterday, to reduce kitty anxiety. It’s working for a friend of mine.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Some cats get crazier with Feliway — I know it doesn’t work for HRT and Mr. Gus. So you’ll have to watch all the boys for that.

    You need a straight answer regarding kitty antihistamines and whether it might be worsened by his amputation. I think the kitty Jackson Galaxy treated with this on his show needed kitty Prozac or similar for a while to get it under control.

    It’s worth asking the university for help and might be worth driving Sprockers there since it’s not really that far if he doesn’t perk up soon.

  3. Mark's Mews says:

    “Better” days are allus worth celebratin…

  4. Well we’re glad that Sprocket is better today too – but your idea of being more “firm” with them in working with you, listening to you, and providing answers that you are satisfied with sounds perfect. You should leave the vet feeling like you were heard and Sprocket was helped. Always. Give that Sprocket guy a hug from us will you??

    Pam and Sam

  5. Lauri says:

    You should definitely be getting more cooperation from the vet. If you insist and they still resist you are right that does tell you it might be time to seek a better fit.

  6. paul says:

    that is good news

  7. I hope you manage to get to talk to the vetin person and that (s)he is able to reassure you and give you some straight answers. Poor Sprockers! And poor littlem, it’s hard when the furkids are sick! You’re doing your best, and I’m sure mcsprocketson appreciates it 🙂 Hang in there, I hope things continue to improve!

  8. littlemiao says:

    yesterday was a good day, today is not a good day. 😦 poor baby.

  9. Lurkertype says:


    He’s 21 now, isn’t he? All grown up even by human standards. Don’t let him drink too much.

  10. SingingTuna says:

    Oh, wow…Sprocket’s on a rollercoaster. I hope that he’s better and better each day.
    ” If you insist and they still resist you are right that does tell you it might be time to seek a better fit.” (Lauri) Yes.
    ((((((hugs)))))) for you and Sprockers, too.

  11. Cats & Co says:

    How’s it going lately with crazy Sprocket?

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