Monday Sprocket update

Sprocket finally got his first antihistamine/steroid tablet tonight. The vet thought that it would be a good idea for him to take something, rather than for us to wait and see if it would resolve on its own, because every time he seems to act more normal for a few hours, he backtracks again. He had his medicine a little after 5pm, and he doesn’t get another for 24 hrs.

Yesterday, his tummy was still upset but he ate a late dinner. Then he spent the night on my bed. And the whole day. Papa Miao didn’t see him get up at all. After I got back home, I gave him his meds and he ate a few crunchies. His back was twitchy and he darted back to my bed after a couple bites. Then he was somnolent, and then for a bit he was playful and alert with his catnip bacon toy and my fingers under the sheet. He had another crunchie snack, but again after a few seconds he got spooked and dashed back onto my bed. A while later he ate a larger portion when I brought him downstairs. He spent some time in the basement and now he is back in the closet. So overall, no real improvement except that his appetite is back.

The first time, in April/May 2012, things seemed to dramatically improve after his injections, but maybe this form of medicine will take effect more slowly. Even with the injections, he had twitchy “episodes” over the following three days or so. We also noticed a significant improvement after the children’s dissolvable antihistamine on Saturday, the one that probably upset his tummy, but this new medication hasn’t had an observable effect yet.

Thank you, peeps, for your good thoughts. It really helps.

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14 Responses to Monday Sprocket update

  1. msmouse7 says:

    Poor Sprockers! Hopefully this will get him on the mend. It is always so worrisome when a kitty is not acting normal. Crossing fingers and toes, and Miko has her eyes crossed too for a successful outcome.

  2. Could it be the antihistamines are making Sprocket drowsy? Benadryl has that effect on me, which is why I won’t take it until I’m about to go to bed.

    (Of course, steroids are supposed to make some people more alert or aggressive, even. I don’t know, few allergy meds agree with me, so I usually try to just ride out the symptoms, unless I have hives or swelling in the mouth or extremities.)

    I hope he feels better soon. Maybe once there’s a hard freeze outdoors and the leaves are all buried in snow, things will improve for him.

    • littlemiao says:

      The fact that his first episode was in springtime might lend some more weight to the allergy theory. I remember the emergency vets raising that possibility. But then why hasnt he had reactions every spring and fall? 

      He’s still acting like he is tethered to my bed, but last night he had a couple more episodes where he ventured out to do sprockettier things, so that is encouraging. 

  3. We’ll continue to hope that once the medication regime really has a chance to “kick in” it will bring Sprocket back to his sprocketty little self again. It’s so unsettling when our little ones aren’t “right”…..thanks for keeping us posted – we’re with you, waiting and watching from afar and hoping for the very best.

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  4. Lidia says:

    Hopefully the meds kick in after a while. 😦

  5. Lauri says:

    It sure is a strange thing. But, here’s to him just getting better and returning to Sprocketing fulltime.

  6. SingingTuna says:

    Oh, gosh.
    and ((((((LittleM)))))))

  7. Redscylla says:

    Awwww. Healing hugs to Sprockers. I’m glad he’s eating, that’s a good sign. And hopefully all that sleep is helping him get his energy back.

  8. Hope he feels better real soon!

  9. lauowolf says:

    I’m glad hat your bed is his Safe Place.
    This is very hard on all of you.
    Hoping it passes soon.

  10. AuntieBellum says:

    Aww, Sprocky! Feel better soon, buddy! We need you to be as sprocketty as possible!

  11. mariser says:

    allergies are a funny thing: they delight in making one befuddled. I hope our Sprocket Rocket is back to the business of sprocketing soon. he is getting the best care possible from you and your Papa.

  12. amelie says:

    I’m glad he got some much needed medicine. Send him pets from me and the crew here!

    We learned the hard way that some dry food formulas have a few nasty proteins, especially from the grains. We love Wellness and after reading the Hodgkins book we switched to semi-raw duck with just a bit of wet food.

    • littlemiao says:

      A raw diet might help. Right now it is 100% grain-free and many 2/3rds canned and 1/3rd dry. Not sure what other allergens might be in his food though. And I am not sure if transitioning to a raw diet would be a good idea for the elderly Miao Brothers, or the other logistics of it.

      I really wish I could figure out what causes Sprocket’s reaction, if it was the same thing both times, but hopefully it won’t happen often enough for me to find a pattern.

      On 20 November 2013 16:16, the miao chronicles

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