Sprocket update

The vet thinks that Sprocket’s hypersensitivity is caused by an allergic reaction to something. Perhaps something he encountered in the basement, perhaps from getting into somewhere that is usually blocked off, or perhaps it was a matter of the amount of exposure. We don’t really know, but it is a plausible theory. Though I might say that he has gotten into the more dungeon-like areas of the basement before and come upstairs decked in cobwebs but not had any ill effects from it.

He didn’t show any symptoms at the clinic. He was friendly and playful and curious and didn’t once act twitchy or itchy or irritable. But shortly after coming home, the symptoms came back. I don’t know if there is something in the air here that is making him worse, but there is nothing different from the last two years. Since he wasn’t showing any symptoms, the doctor didn’t give him any meds. She told us to give him half a tablet of children’s benadryl (or generic) if it didn’t resolve. I rinsed him with a warm washcloth in case there was something on his fur irritating him. Yesterday we finally found the tablet form of children’s benadryl, but only the dissolvable kind. It upset his tummy but maybe an hour and a half after taking it (and barfing all his breakfast* and getting his pantaloon cleaned), he was acting fairly normal. *I was worried that his meal wasn’t digested after at least six hours. But anyway, after that, he was upstairs and socializing, hanging out around us, then watching the rain out the window. Sudden noises didn’t startle him and he didn’t act twitchy or alarmed at all. He even came for supper. Then he took a *long* nap, and when he woke from the nap, he was acting twitchy again. This morning, he didn’t have much of an appetite.

I put a crunchie, one of his favorites, under his nose and he *tried* to eat it but it kept falling out of his mouth. So then I was worried that he had swelling or something that was preventing him from eating physically. Eventually, he ate a small portion of canned tuna, but no crunchies. He played with a peacock feather for a few minutes and he looked alert and interested, but he wouldn’t leave my bed.

I’m planning to take him back to the vet tomorrow. If this is the same thing he had a year an a half ago, it resolved very quickly after stronger meds (steroids and some antihistamine or another). Without Sprocket sprocketting around, the Miao House feels so wrong. Everyone is subdued. Chun is worried. He checks on his little brother and gives him kitty kisses, and hangs out in the walk-in closet with him. I’m beside myself because, I think, the Miao family has gone through so much in the past few years and my mind immediately goes to extremes.

EDIT: I found posts on his first episode in the archives, from May of 2012, and am reading through them now. It’s amazing how much I have forgotten.


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17 Responses to Sprocket update

  1. (((((hugs)))) I hope antihistamins and steroids will do the trick!

    • littlemiao says:

      Thank you for the hugses, FC.

      Reading through the posts from 2012, it is actually kind of comforting to confirm that he had this before and that it resolved. Now I have no doubt that it was the same behavior. And even with the medications the first time, it took about five days for him to be “100% sprocketty” again. I can’t believe I forgot so much. The vet the first time told him to take half of an ADULT benadryl, this time it was *children’s* (not sure if the first recommendation was from the emergency vet?). And not sure why the difference. But in any case, he was acting the same way then that he is now, and he got better, so he will get better this time too.

      His symptoms might overall be *less* intense than they sounded in the 2012 posts, though it is hard to tell.

      On 17 November 2013 08:11, the miao chronicles

  2. nadbugs says:

    Oh dear, this is a narrow crack to be caught in, isn’t it. So scary. Please keep us updated. (After going through something similarly mysterious with Bugsy, I did find a vet who prescribed Chinese herbs . . . . paws crossed. I seriously wonder whether anybody really knows what’s going on, with these kinds of syndromes . . . .)

  3. Well, it’s encouraging to hear that this has happened to the Sprocket boy before – AND that it resolved with the right treatment. It’s really scary though when you know there’s something going on and have no idea what it REALLY is…..but it does sound like you are seeing a repeat instance of whatever was wrong last year. Hopefully you can get the vet to prescribe/treat him with the same meds he had that got him out of “trouble” last time. Sure would be interesting to know what causes it though. Sometimes we just never really know – very frustrating isn’t it?! Keep us posted…..Sammy and I are purring for you and Sprocket.

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

    • littlemiao says:

      It’s funny how much I had forgotten even though it was only a year a half ago. Actually, maybe I should be more worried about my memory than I am about Sprocket…

      Thank you for the purrs. I think they are helping, because Sprocket emerged from the closet and is acting more social. He isn’t interested in food yet though.

      • Oh I just bet he’ll pop over to his food bowl soon…perhaps if he’s tempted with a particular favorite?! I’m just glad he seems to be better. I was worried and I know you must have been!


  4. Allergies can be funny things. I don’t have any myself but Ol’ Peepers has one to dust. It manifests itself in weird ways. As of late, it looks like she’s been cryin’ a lot but the funny thing is, she’s not at all sad. ALLERGIES.

    She should take a pill or somethin’. I bet Sprocket’s doctor will have just the right pill for Sprocket and help him to feel all better very, very soon.


  5. Your neighbors haven’t sprayed the yard with weed killer or fertilizer, have they? The other thing that might be affecting him is leaf mold, which appears in the fall with all the dead leaves lying in the street and under shrubbery and the like. My younger daughter and son both have allergies to the stuff. We joke about them moving to the desert where there are no deciduous trees, but seriously, an allergy can be debilitating. I hope Sprocket feels better soon.

    • littlemiao says:

      The leafs are definitely moldly. Sprocket likes to chomp them but we are careful to keep the entryway clean. It’s not impossible, though. Our neighbors haven’t done anything with their lawns.

      Maybe it was a different allergen the first time. Or mice. Could he be allergic to mice?

      • Or mice poop? Our old vet said that rodents carry a lot of bacteria and toxins, so she didn’t think it was a good idea to let cats catch and eat them. I thought that was like telling me not to let my dog play fetch—just not happening! It did make me more vigilant about making sure mice couldn’t get into the house. Some old houses however can never be made mouse-proof: too many crevices, cracks in the foundation, strange holes in the basement.

        The leaves in our trees here tend not to fall until we get a good hard rain. So we always have dead leaves combined with wet puddles. Perfect for leaf mold. 😦

        • e2thec says:

          it’s been awfully wet here lately, and I’m allergic to leaf mold, so…. over the past few years (with wetter-than-normal autumns and one unusually warm winter) there have been a *lot* of things growing that would usually be killed off by the 1st frost.

          I ended up battling several really nasty sinus infections as a result of all that – they were one month long each. *not* fun.

          All that to say that I think leaf mold and other things could conceivably be playing a part; sending hugs + bunny nosebumps your way and hoping that Sprockers gets well ASAP. I do wonder about his behavior at the vet’s – could it be that whatever is causing the problem was not present there, but is at home?

          [gah. I feel for you. it’s so hard when they are sick!]

          • littlemiao says:

            thank you!

            LT also suggested that maybe the environment at the vet’s is more hypoallergenic and therefore he felt better there. Not sure what I can do, though, to improve things here.

            The leaves are almost universally moldly here.

  6. Mark's Mews says:

    Purrs to Sprocket about the allergicallies…

  7. Lidia says:

    Hope Sprocket is being himself again!

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