So, who was the chomper?

Finally, the answer to yesterday’s question, who chomped whom?

Chun chomped Sprocket!

It appears that the majority of peeps, who are excellent and fair judges of feline character, believed that the chompage was mutual, and only a couple suspected Sprocket alone. Sprocket was, indeed, innocent. This time. I admit that Sprocket may bear some of the guilt from his past and current sprocketty behavior, but Chun was unwilling to give him a chance and chomped preemptively, after giving his little brother one of the most disdainful glares in the history of felinity. Sprocket never had a chance to chomp. In Sprocket’s further defense, he did not start the bopping until AFTER Chun chomped him. Having legs that are both shorter and fewer in number than the average cat, Sprocket excels when he can get a running start and use his momentum to enhance his sprocketting. Ambushes are his forte. Without the aid of stealth and speed, he has little chance of winning. Chun knows this and took advantage of it. Moreover, it is unreasonable for Chun to assume that just because Sprocket chomps him sometimes, he will chomp him all the time. Chun himself was chomping his Miao Uncles before Sprocket was even born. Unfortunately, Chun is not open to rational persuasion.

Even as I am speaking, Sprocket is settling down on the couch near Mani. He is a reformed Sprocket, or at least a reforming Sprocket. Perhaps the answer to the group photo conundrum is to have the Miaolings pose on the Magic Couch.

Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on
(mostly) innocent!

Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on
Chun expressing indignation at the suggestion that his Sprocket-chomping was unjustified

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9 Responses to So, who was the chomper?

  1. Ha, I was right! In the previous photos, it looked like Sprocket was trying to defend himself against Chun’s chomping rage. And Chun looks like a chomper with those killer blue eyes of his. πŸ˜‰

    I have to say however I am sympathetic to Chun. Dealing with a little brother who won’t hold still or who thinks teasing his siblings is fun cannot be easy. Here’s Chun trying to look debonair and stylish in his lovely blue beret, and Sprocket disrupts the shoot. It’d be enough to make a Ford model open her claws.

    • littlemiao says:

      Could it be that because I am a younger sibling, I have a tendency to side with Sprockles? Unless, of course, he is the obvious aggressor. Often I have noticed he is sitting minding his own business and Chun or Mani will swipe at him or chomp him and make him run away. Especially at dinner time! It looks to me like they are bullying him. And so I intervene on his behalf.

      • That may be. I’m the oldest and had to put up with my younger sister and brother snooping into my stuff, drawing in my books,”borrowing” favorite toys and not returning them. Later it was the constant teasing and sniping. Now—well, won’t go into it. But I guess it’s why I see things from Chun’s point of view. I didn’t realize the older cats were bullying Sprocket, however. That’s classic cat behavior, but it’s still not nice.

  2. lauowolf says:

    Poor Chun.
    The whole issue of justification depends on when you start counting.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    I have to take Chun’s side here. The odds are that Sprock will chomp are high enough that pre-emptive action (when possible) is probably always a good idea.

  4. Well the truth of the chomp may never truly be known, but I’m sure the magic couch will be magic once more in providing harmony in Miao-land! Regardless – the boys both look stunning in their berets….as usual!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Lidia says:

    They both look like “I didn’t do a thing, I swear!” πŸ™‚

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