Why does posting photos have to be so difficult?

Just when things were starting to go so well, flickr has changed its embedding options so I can’t copy and paste my own photos onto this blog any more. I should be able to post one photo per post through the flickr/WP thing, but one Miao Photo is hardly adequate for most Miao Posts. Months ago, I had left flickr because I found the new set-up to be obnoxious, but in an effort to start posting again I went back. 500px is good but embedding photos is inconvenient because you have to specify the dimensions in the code for each photo (flickr did that automatically) and some of my photos have different proportions so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all number. It’s hard enough to find time to post and turning each photo into a math problem isn’t my idea of fun. And now with flickr’s new change, which appears to have started just this morning, 500px with all its inconvenience is better.

Even though I linked my blog to my flickr account, the sharing to WP option doesn’t even work.

I could just upload photos to WordPress, but alas, I don’t have enough space.

So I am quite frustrated and even though I have Miao photos to post, I have been wasting so much time trying to post and failing that I am quite grumpy and discouraged.

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14 Responses to Why does posting photos have to be so difficult?

  1. Jaypo says:

    But remember on Vox, if you tried to delete a photo it would show up TWICE or some sh*t like that?? Technology ain’t perfect I guess, ever! all your photos look lovely, no matter what goes on behind the scenes.

  2. Oh no 😦 Maybe there’s a bug that’ll be fixed soon?

  3. Mr. Lurkertype says:


    2nd pic.

  4. Mr. Lurkertype says:

    Don’t mind me. I was just trying to see what Little Miao is up against with Flickr vs WP.

  5. Flickr switched to a new format last week, though I thought it was still optional: you could opt out if you didn’t like it. I hated it and switched back to the old “black box” format, which still isn’t as good as the older white background. Still, I can’t post videos I put up on Flickr onto WP, which is maddening. Like you I don’t have time to figure out how to make Flickr and WP like each other again: but I really don’t want to post videos of family on YouTube, which must have the nastiest trolls on the innerwebs. (Yeah, I know you can make YouTube videos private, but then you can’t embed them onto a blog post. :p)

    I’m still glad to see the Miaolings back. I hope you don’t give up—you can still upload photos straight from your computer and bypass silly Flickr.

    • littlemiao says:

      I probably opted in by accident without realizing what I was clicking. Sometimes I just get impatient and click whatever looks like needs clicking. I miss old flickr. Hopefully enough people will complain about what I am experiencing that they will change it back, but I won’t hold my breath.

      Youtube is scary. When I have Miao Videos (which is rare but shouldn’t be) I upload them to youtube but I switch off the comments. and maybe there is a way to switch off the “dislike” button too?

      I don’t have enough free space on my WP account because of all the imported Vox photos, otherwise I would upload directly.

      • Mr. Lurkertype says:

        OK, I just now saw the “Try the new photo experience” button on Flickr.
        On a whim, I tried it, and noticed that is says “if you want to opt out of the new look, click on the ‘Help and Feedback’ button in the lower left. Sure enough, the “More ways to share” menu is missing from the new layout. I assume that it what you had been using, the nice HTML code complete with [width=…] and [height=…] values.

        Going through the “Help and Feedback” button brought everything back to normal for me.
        -Mr. LT

  6. Lurkertype says:

    For now, can we get links to the photos themselves? I don’t mind clicking another link to see Miaos and Miaolings!

    • littlemiao says:

      I think with a little patience, I will try to make 500px work.

      what’s really annoying is that this makes it difficult to post old photos from the flickr archives. 😦

  7. littlemiao says:

    It would make it easier if I uploaded them in the size I wanted to display them, but what size would that be? I can easily resize images, in fact I already do when I add the watermark, but my resized images are still too big for my blog page.

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