[miao archives] My Brave Little Sprockerbee!

Here’s my brave little Sprockerbee the day after his surgery!

Believe it or not, he was as sprocketty as ever on that first day. In fact, he sprocketted around in his e-collar so much that it became dangerous and we had to get him a blue inflatable flotation device instead. He tried to wear his e-collar as a skirt, only of course it didn’t work because it opened in the wrong direction. Then he got stuck in his upside down skirt and was flopping around on the floor like a fish until Papa Miao rescued him. We agreed that he was a marvelous little critter of incomparable silliness, and he has proven us right every day since.

Sprocket and his stitches!
sheng post-surgery

Sprocket looking deceptively mellow
sheng post-surgery

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9 Responses to [miao archives] My Brave Little Sprockerbee!

  1. Bless his heart…..he really was a brave little boy – that was a HUGE surgery and even with all of that he still was ready to sprocket himself around on three little legs. He has bloomed and blossomed much in this short time – he can hardly contain all his floofiness now – he’s come a long way……we adore him just like the rest of the world (and you of course!!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy and his Mom

  2. Old baby pictures always choke me up. And I forgot how tiny he was back then when he got the surgery.

  3. Marks Mews says:

    Cones are horrible. We cant abide them an have gotten out evry time.

  4. Just found your blog and I’m now following along via Bloglovin. Your cats are the cutest. How is Sprocket doing now?

  5. Redscylla says:

    AAAAIIIIEEE!!!!! These pics still just squeeze the heck out of my heart. What a sweet boy and what a good mama who looked out for him through his surgery and his recovery.

  6. Redscylla says:

    I demand Miaoling updates!!! NAAAOOOO!!!

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