The Miaolings are up to something

I feel like I interrupted some super secret Miaoling meeting. No doubt they are planning a chaos. Or perhaps a dinner.

Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on
Miaoling Meeting by Miao Miao Miao

Note how Sprocket’s ruff sticks out and looks kind of silly in its attempt at magnificence. He wants the ruff version of David Tennant’s hair.

Also note: I was too lazy to edit Chun’s red eyes but at least I posted something today. Three days in a row? Definitely improvement.

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10 Responses to The Miaolings are up to something

  1. Lurkertype says:

    At least they’re up to something together?

  2. Uhoh…..the plot thickens!!! RUN while you can….RUN!!!!!

    Tee Hee, Pam

  3. Jaypo says:

    I hope you excused yourself and closed the door on the way out.

  4. derrycats says:

    Definitely a look on their faces as if you have disturbed something…something secret!

  5. SingingTuna says:

    No mystery here! They’re in a book club. Chun’s just explained the plot intricacies of “War and Peace” to Sprocket, whose ruff apparently reacts violently to Tolstoy.



  6. Marks Mews says:

    Oh there is PLANNING going on fer sure. Our guess is hunting blanket monsters tonite.

  7. Dianda says:

    Sprocket looks like he thinks: “OH BUSTED!”

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