The Blue Donut, two years later

Sprocket has never been a big fan of his blue donut, but he always looks cute in it.

Here’s him being annoyed by his blue collar just yesterday:
Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on
Sprocket in his blue donut! by Miao Miao Miao

and even more annoyed!
Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on
Sprocket glare! by Miao Miao Miao

Poor floofy Sprockster!
Untitled by Miao Miao Miao on
Sprocket in blue donut by Miao Miao Miao

At least when he was a teeny kitten he could put up with it.
a 9-1-2011 12-01-22 PM
sprockey 9-8-2011 6-58-21 PM

Most of the time.
funny sheng

Sort of.
sprockitten & doughnut

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25 Responses to The Blue Donut, two years later

  1. Lurkertype says:

    The first photo made me LOL. Mr. LT and I then had to reminisce about how “remember how the donut used to be bigger than Sprockey?”

    So the other ones and the old ones were just a happy bonus. What a glare!

    • littlemiao says:

      The velcro is barely secure in back now, just to keep it in place. when he was little, he needed a mini kitten collar inside his donut and both were on nearly the tightest settings.

    • Mr. Lurkertype says:

      Third picture: “Why is she tormenting me so. I thought I was rid of this shame.”

  2. crankypants says:

    did you just put it on him for the heck of it, I hope, and there was no medical need for it?

  3. Laurie says:

    He has a really good glare! What’s the zipper on the donut for? Does he keep his milk money in there?

  4. LOL! I love that glower!

  5. Lauri says:

    I was laughing through all the pics, too! He endured it two years ago when he HAD to. He’s all “HEY!” now! 😀

    • littlemiao says:

      I admit he was a bit confuzzled about the reappearance of his blue donut, especially since it was preventing him from getting as close to his new birthday toys as he wanted.

  6. Bless him……so adorable – tolerating the collar NOW but actually somehow realizing he HAD to have it back then. That last photo is magic! Hugs to the Sprockerator from me (and my Mom)!!


  7. SingingTuna says:

    Wow! That last shot looks like he was being eaten alive by a floatation device!!!!
    His expressions are AMAZING. And he still manages to look regal in it, somehow. Even mid-glare.
    GREAT pix!
    Hooray for these collarless days!

  8. It’s fun to see how his whiskers were ALWAYS wider than the donut!

  9. eLeN says:

    love this!

  10. Jaypo says:

    omg, he looks so bewildered, and pissed. Now he confers behind closed doors without you… typical teenager.

  11. LOL, I’m surprised your camera didn’t burst into flames as you captured such glares from him!

  12. leendadll says:

    I loooooove the disapproval!!

  13. Dianda says:

    Look of disapproval, oh yes!

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