Miaoling 1 vs. Miaoling 2

This is one of my few attempts at Miao Action Photography. The Miao kitties are lazy and so am I, which is why we gravitate towards portraits and napping photos.

This Miaoling altercation started out with Chun on the kitty condo, which he calls his tabouret, watching the backyard on one of the few days we’ve had where it was warm enough to have windows open.

Actually, it started with Sprocket batting at Chun’s tail while Chun tried to watch birdies and squirrels in the backyard, but then they both settled down, or seemed to. Except no one holds a grudge like Chun. So as soon as Sprocket got all comfy in Bean Bag Pose, Chun took advantage of his greater height and started to bop poor baby Sprock.

chun v. sprock

Little Sprockers tried to stand up for himself.
chun v. sprock

But it was mere seconds before Chun sent him scampering.
chun v. sprock

If Sprocket had a tail long enough for Chun to nibble, I am sure that he would not object to Chun nibbling his tail. Chun is always taking advantage of his greater height. Sprocket’s short little sprocketty legs don’t stand a chance against Chun’s long Siameezey legs.

Am I the only one who thinks Chun should let his little brother win?

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19 Responses to Miaoling 1 vs. Miaoling 2

  1. As I understand it (and keep in mind that I have no siblings, so I may not understand fully) big brothers aren’t usually predisposed to allow little brothers to win. It would go against the big brother boppitting code.

  2. Laurie says:

    I’d say Chun is just getting his own back for all the sprocketting he gets subjected to. So on the whole, I think things are a draw.

  3. I think Chun has been very patient, if your other photos with him and Sprocket together are any indication of what Life With Sprocket is like.

    I was a Big Sister and the oldest, so I had to put up with my bratty little siblings’ antics lest I get punished for taking revenge. I once came home from school—this must have been the second grade—and discovered that my brother had torn the pages out of my favorite books. I wanted to kill him, but of course my mother wouldn’t allow it. What she didn’t realize was that it set the path for the mayhem committed by my brother later in life. So Chun should occasionally teach his little brother who’s the boss around there. Sprocket will be a nicer cat for it. 😉

    • littlemiao says:

      wise words, HG! This evening, Sprocket bopped Chun twice, gently I think, but unprovoked, and Chun just sat there blinking. Very patient indeed.

      I am really lucky that my brother isn’t the kind of person who ever would have torn books up. That’s awful. The worst my brother ever did was spit in my hair. Maybe my perspective is colored by the fact that I always got my way when I was little, so I think that Sprocket as the youngest should also get his way.

  4. Marks Mews says:

    We could tell Sproky was out of the fight in the 2nd picture. You flinch, you lose, MOL!

  5. Poor Sprockie in bean bad repose with Chun up above doing the whap from on high. Well, I guess things DO even out in the end…..there’s a lot of bopping and whapping back and forth in any house full of cats I suppose. I suspect they are more “love pats” than torture pokes though! Cute pix of the boys.

    Pam (and of course Sam)

  6. So funny 😀
    Well, with all the times Chun has been Sprocketted, he’s giving it right back!

  7. Oldcat says:

    There’s a middle ground – when Gus bites at Julie, usually Julie is patient like a dutiful young fellow to his elder, but sometimes he fights back and tries to teach Gus that biting is not nice.

    I think Julie ought to do it a bit more often.

  8. Lurkertype says:

    I agree with Laurie and HG. With all the sprocketting he puts up with, Chun deserves to bop his brother now and then.

    It looks like Chun didn’t use clawz or teef, so that’s actually a moderate reaction.

    Also, Choops went from only kitty to youngest kitty of many to middle kitty, so I think he’s very patient with everything, considering.

    • littlemiao says:

      It’s just so hard for me to see Sprockers not get his way. I realize that feeling is symptomatic of bad parenting.

      • leendadll says:

        I used to be that way about Espressa. Now I warn her if Skritches is trying to sneak up. But if she doesn’t listen to me, I laugh hysterically when Skritches gets a swipe in!!

  9. leendadll says:

    the 2nd pic is adorable – all flat ears & arm in mid-swat!!

  10. Dianda says:

    Nice action shots. 😉

  11. After much contemplation and some bonito flakes, I have to vote NO to letting Sprocket win. No great cat was just given the gift of greatness – great cats are built from hard work! (Plus I bet Sprocket gets WAY more cuddles as you try to make up for Chun’s beatings. 😉 )

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