Chun reclaims his little blue beret

This is how it should be worn.




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10 Responses to Chun reclaims his little blue beret

  1. With style and panache!

  2. It suits your eyes very well!

  3. orientallily001 says:

    DASHING! The third picture has the peep in a fit of oohs and ahhs. That’s a good thing.


  4. Mr. Lurkertype says:

    1st pic: Eyes and beret are the same color, although both are a bit washed out.
    2nd pic: Slightly better color, still matching.
    3rd pic: Wonderful, intense blue color! (+1)x15

  5. Taylor M. says:

    How adorable! I love how the blue of his eyes match the beret! Striking!

  6. littleoddme says:

    Ahhhh, the world is once again in a state of harmony, all beret’s in their proper places.

    Gigibean wants to know where she can get her own little beret. She is, after all, a weasel of great sophistication!

  7. Ahhh….all is right in the world….Chun reclaims his beloved blue beret !

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. Marilia says:

    Oh my, so sweet!

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