Warning: Coffee isn’t for kittens!

Sprocket seems to like coffee. I had a mug of decaf sitting on the table, and it was there only moments before Sprockerbee hopped up and started sticking his nose and paws in the mug. At first I thought he was just playing. He splashed coffee all over the table. Then he licked his paw. Then he stuck his little nose back into the mug and started to drink! I quickly swiped him from the table (to his dismay – he sprocketted my shoulder), so he couldn’t have gotten more than a lick or two, and I ran his little pawses under the faucet so they wouldn’t have any residual caffeine on them. I am somewhat paranoid about kittehs and coffee and chocolate and all the things poisonous to kittehs that supposedly do not hurt humans. Even though the coffee is decaf, it still might not be safe. And I don’t want it to stunt his growth.

The final conclusions from this episode are 1) Sprockerbee is naughty, and 2) Sprockerbee likes coffee. Dark coffee with no adulterants like milk or sugar.

Sprockers contemplates the coffee with unusual intensity

time to splash!



The mug is, or used to be, one of those temperature sensitive mugs where part of the image disappears when hot water is added. It started out with the Bill of Rights. It was only a few months before the whole thing started vanishing, not just the temperature-sensitive parts, even though I never put it in a dishwasher. Little words and letters would come off and I would inadvertently drink them. And now there is not a single word left of the Bill of Rights. On the plus side, the black and white pattern suits Sprocket.

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9 Responses to Warning: Coffee isn’t for kittens!

  1. I had that mug too. It’s effect died after being put through the dishwasher a few times. Cute kitty!

  2. Marilia says:

    Eheheheh! Nelsno makes de same… and heยดs so similar with you Sprockers!

  3. Isn’t Sprocket just too funny. I always love watching cats when they dip their paws in glasses or mugs. Looks cute but I’d agree with you on discouraging coffee drinking.

  4. Oh Sprockie Boy you don’t want that nasty coffee to stain that pretty white paw now do you???

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Dianda says:

    A cat who likes coffee? That’s new to me!

  6. The mug does match him nicely! We think milk and sugar would have made it much better…

  7. Oldcat says:

    In the Fritz Leiber story “Space-Time for Springers” the genius kitten Gummich is convinced that drinking coffee is the way that kittens morph into human adults – they certainly don’t turn into cats!

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