Parsley for Sprocket

Sprocket loves parsley. I was trying to wash some the other day, and he couldn’t stop chomping it. Lotus loves parsley even more. Some fell on the floor and Lotus was rolling around as though it were super-happy catnip.


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13 Responses to Parsley for Sprocket

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Is there anything that Sprockers isn’t silly about?

    My BFF had a kitty who loved chives, but no parsley-eating cats.

  2. Lauri says:

    Good kitties, eating their greens! I’ll have to get some parsley and see if mine like it!

  3. Mr. Lurketype says:

    Any reaction to canteloupe?

  4. Well it gives them nice fresh breath……..AND green stuff is good – I personally like grass but then I’m allowed out occasionally on my harness!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  5. Dianda says:

    Awe, helping you cook!

  6. leendadll says:

    I need to buy some parsley!!

  7. aubrey says:

    I see parlsley-green reflected in Sprocket’s eyes!

  8. Marilia says:

    Hmmmmmm! Delicious!

  9. It appears little Sprocket DOES need some mentoring – someone needs to teach him to forget about the parsley and head straight for the bonito flakes!!! 😀

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