Nesting spot for Sprockles

Sprocket made the purrfect nest for himself in a pile of warm sheets. Generally, this is Lotus’s spot, but Sprocket must have gotten there first. I had to pet his tummy when I found him, and it was extra-warm from the sheets. Sprocket likes to burrow under blankets. He will even climb up the side of the bed and tunnel under the blankets in search of a nap spot, like a little mole.

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6 Responses to Nesting spot for Sprockles

  1. Warm sheets are the best when it’s cold out!

  2. There’s nothing better than laundry day! I hope you let him help you make the bed after his cozy cat nap!

  3. Sam does that as well…………nice, warm, snuggly spots where they can dream away in comfort! Sprocket looks ever so wonderful……

    Pam and Sam

  4. lauowolf says:

    Makes the clean laundry all better.

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