Sprocket’s Theme Song & Adoption Day Gifts

Sprocket’s theme song is “The Miracle,” of course!

Sprocket got lots of fun gifts to celebrate his Adoption Day. My camera wasn’t cooperating because the battery was too low, so I didn’t get many pictures 😦 . Mama M gave him a squeaky birdie and some yummy Purrz treats. I gave him a turbo toy with a blinkie ball (so he has one upstairs AND downstairs). Papa Miao and the rest of the Miaos gave him a super catnippy leaf and a fluffy feather catnip toy. The tissue paper, gift bag, and Lotus tail were also sources of entertainment for Sprocket. Everyone enjoyed the treats and games. The only thing missing was party hats.

Sprocket on Sprocker Day!
Sprockerversary Gifts

The Bird
Sprockerversary Gifts

The Leaf
Sprockerversary Gifts

Oh Fun
Sprockerversary Gifts

I can has moar?
Sprockerversary Gifts

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6 Responses to Sprocket’s Theme Song & Adoption Day Gifts

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Now he has a leaf like his buddy Pip!

  2. Hehe – At least he has a good taste in music!!! 😀

    Congrats lil guy – You have a lovely home with lovely kitty brothers and loving humans – everything a little kitty needs in life!

  3. Wow Sprocket! You got lots of way cool stuff for your adoption day……I also highly approve of your theme song of course. You ARE a miracle in many ways. I’m glad to see you enjoyed your tissue – you know how I feel about the stuff!!

    Kitty Hugs and Happy Adoption Day!

  4. Marilia says:

    beautiful photos!

  5. Dianda says:

    He seems to be enjoying his adoption day! 🙂

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