Happy Adoption Day, Sprockerbee!

A year ago today, Sprocket (full name YouSheng “Sprocket” Miao) joined the Miao family.

He was really tiny
sprockey's 1st night 7-31-2011 7-25-07 PM 7-31-2011 7-25-07 PM

kind of grubby
sprocket 7-31-2011 8-05-48 PM

already floofy
sprockey 1st night 7-31-2011 5-23-46 PM

very hungry
sprocket 7-31-2011 8-06-56 PM

and tremendously purry.
sprocket's first night

I can’t even begin to thank his fairy godmother, who rescued him from the roadside, and his wonderful vet peeps, who helped him become the hoppiest and happiest tripod even though he kept sprocketting out of his stitches.

Remember what he looked like right after surgery?
sheng post-surgery

And then he got to wear his blue donut! For two months!
funny sheng

Now he gets to wear hats instead.
valentine bowler 2-5-2012 3-24-01 PM

Sprocket in July 2012

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24 Responses to Happy Adoption Day, Sprockerbee!

  1. Yay! Happy Adoption Day to both of you!

  2. zigzagmags says:

    aww yay! you’re looking very dapper these days, sprocket!

  3. Happy ‘doption day to you both! Sprocker T. McSprockersons has flourished in the Miao household!

  4. He certainly has hasn’t he Beth – Yay for Lil Miao Sprocket and all the other Miao Brothers for taking him in and looking after him as he transformed from the small kitten into the handsome 3legged mancat he is now!

  5. Laurie says:

    I bet he’d like to forget those two months of the blue donut, if he hasn’t already. Happy Sprocket Day!

  6. Drude says:

    Happy Sprockiversary!!!! Wow.. a year already!

  7. Dianda says:

    Sprocket is so handsome! Happy adoption day!

  8. lahgitana says:

    I just had a grand time, tripping through the History of Sprocket. What a lucky little guy!

  9. A day totally worth celebrating with great gusto! Sprocket has gone from totally precious to totally handsome and the Miao household has the most adorable tripod in the universe. Not a bad deal. Bless his fairy godmother AND his new family – he absolutely could not have found a more purrrrfect forever home! Hugs to ALL from us……. 😀

    Sammy and his Mom

  10. Mr. Guilt says:

    Happy adoption day! May there be many more purr-filled days!

    I hadn’t realized that you had Sprocket almost two weeks longer than we had Beso and Luna. Close enough, but still…

    • littlemiao says:

      thank you!

      I didn’t realize you got Beso and Luna after Sprocket. Somehow my mind mixed up the chronology and I thought it was the other way around.

  11. The second pic, “kind of grubby”, is him saying, “and now you will fall in love with me because I’m so cute”.

  12. trishc1812 says:

    A year? Already? WoW how time flies.
    He had a rough first six months. I’m so glad he got the Miao House for a Forever Home.

  13. Lauri says:

    Happy happy day!!! To go from starving and injured on the side of the road to where he is now…it brings tears of joy to my eyes!

  14. jimmie chew says:

    what a happy day!!!! He looks sooooo happy and healthy! YOU did GOOD!!!

  15. [this is good]
    Has it been a year? He’s grown so much! Happy Sprockiversary!

  16. Lurkertype says:

    Hooray for the handsome Sprockerball!

  17. Redscylla says:

    What a happy progression of pics! From sad little lost wounded kitty to full grown happy Sprockers! Yay for Miaolings!

  18. eLeN says:

    Happy anniversary Spockers! I remember last year, checking every day to see if you would ever get out of the blue inner tube.

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