teef-cleaning for ping

Ping has a dental cleaning tomorrow. They are also going to remove a cyst from his neck/shoulder area.  They said he has significant inflammation/infection in his mouth so it is really a necessary procedure.  He had some teef removed a few years ago. Hopefully they won’t have to remove any more.

Please wish us luck. Ping is doing well weight-wise and appetite-wise but I am still nervous for him.

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12 Responses to teef-cleaning for ping

  1. Laurie says:

    Good luck to Ping! Good thing they’re doing two things at once under the one anasthetic, it spares him another surgery. Don’t be surprised if they wind up having to extract a few teeth — they really don’t know the full extent till they get in there, but if they’re a problem, better out than in, and he will ultimately feel better for it.

  2. Hiya Ping! You are gonna be fine dude! Just take it easy after and rest…easy for us cats…nap the day away my furriend

  3. Having Ping under anesthesia is worrisome, but once it’s done, it’s done, and neither of you will have to worry about the cyst or his teeth after that, not for a while anyway. Just make sure you take it easy and not worry excessively about Ping. If his general health is good, he should do well.

  4. Oldcat says:

    Gus has felt better when he has gotten his bad teeth extracted

  5. Best of luck – these things are never fun but it will be great to have it all behind you.

  6. knotrune says:

    I hope Ping is fine and recovers well. My old cat had to have all her teeth removed. I was very worried, but she was fine and still happily ate triangular dry biscuits! She always did swallow them more than crunching them. Ironic as the reason the vet told me to put her on that diet was so crunching them could clean her teeth…

  7. It’s always a worry when cats have to have anesthesia but it’s great they can do both things at the same time so Ping only has to be there once! He may feel a whole lot better after the cleaning and if there are any badly infected areas that certainly could be effecting how he feels. Paws and fingers crossed here that all goes well and he’s home taking a nice “recovery nap” before you know it!!

    Pam (and Sammy too!)

  8. Dianda says:

    It’s ok to worry. 🙂
    I hope it all goes well at the vet, and Ping will recover without any problems!
    But like Hangaku Gozen said, anesthesia is usually a problem. It makes cats groggy/sleepy after they wake up, and from what I experienced they usually don’t have a big appetite after an anesthesia. It’s nasty stuff, but necessary. 😦

    I wish you and Ping all the luck in the world! Keep us updated!

  9. Marilia says:

    So much luck!!!!!!!

  10. Best wishes for the vet trip, Ping!

  11. Wazeau says:

    Good luck Ping, he will feel so much better with a mouth that doesn’t hurt.

  12. leendadll says:

    Belated good luck (even though I read it all turned out okay). Moshi has nearly no upper teefs left. The most recent severe tooth infection was just 4 months after previous teeth were removed, which doesn’t bode well for his dental future. But I’ll keep hoping for the best. He’s always been a food gobbler so he doesn’t even notice the diff… just makes him less able to win a cat fight.

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