Tummy Rubs for Chun

chun belly

Sprocketty took it as a invitation to pounce, and a wrestling match ensued.

This is Sprocket’s favorite spot, by the screen door that looks out onto the back yard. I have a theory that his three-leggedness allows him to fit in any space he pleases, especially corners.

The Bear likes the screen door too.

I still need to do a weekend photo session. Wish me luck!

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16 Responses to Tummy Rubs for Chun

  1. Oldcat says:

    To get at some spots a 4 legged cat sometimes needs to use one back leg as a brace and lift the other, or spread both for balance. The corner probably helps him get those spots without the help of that leg.

  2. Great photos…..love Sprocket’s casual post all nicely wedged into the corner by the door – as you say, his 3-leggedness may give him the advantage when it comes to fitting in tight spots! It’s a good spot though – as Kemi can attest to! Will look forward to the results of the photo session…. 😀

    Pam and Sam

  3. LOVE the tummy seam in the first shot!

  4. Dianda says:

    Woah, Bear really seems to fit his name! So fluffy!

  5. Mr Satchs says:

    What happened to Spwocket. Little Satchie sad.

    Mommy calls daddy Bear too =^.^=

    • littlemiao says:

      Spwocket lost his leg when he was a baby. Someone found him by the roadside. He was still a little kitten (2months?). most of his tail was gone and he was dragging his leg. He was super friendly and purry. In fact, my friend heard him mew above the noise of her car. It was like he was waiting for someone to find him. The doctor thinks he must have gotten injured at least a couple weeks before he was found, so he was fending for himself while injured.

      But don’t be sad! He gets around just fine. He can’t jump far, but he can climb, and he is the friendliest and happiest kitty I have ever known. I think he would make a great motivational speaker about overcoming adversity.

  6. Its annoyin ta stretch way out an get pounced while ya cant jump up fast!

  7. Lurkertype says:

    Over on the side, is that Chun trying to pounce on/fight with Kemi, and the Bear just ignores him to get to the door?

    • littlemiao says:

      yes, correct! Sprockers is really the only one who will play with Chun. Sometimes Lotus. Chun likes to badger the Bear but it takes a lot for the Bear’s feathers to get ruffled.

  8. Sprocket looks like a kid waiting to go outside. Hehe!

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