Sprocker is napping right now. He doesn’t seem purrfectly relaxed. He has been less sprocketty than usual today. In fact, hardly sprocketty at all. He’s less agitated than he was yesterday evening, but he has had 2-3 episodes of twitchy agitation this morning. His tail seems to be the focus. He was squirreling himself away in the dreaded basement, but I convinced him to nap in the kitty tree.

He drooled his first dose of liquid Benadryl all over the place. He looked dramatically displeased. I’ve never had such put-upon reproachfulness directed at me before. After all that he has been through in his kittenhood, this is the first time that he has looked truly unhappy and uncomfortable. Poor baby. He barely noticed that he got a leg amputated, but whatever he’s dealing with now has really gotten to him.

The vet told me to give him half of an adult Benadryl in place of the liquid stuff.

Today I learned that “basket case” was slang used in WWI to refer to quadruple amputees. Everything Sprocket does (like doze sitting up instead of lounging in his kitty tree, or napping in the basement instead of upstairs, or just glancing at Chooper instead of pouncing on him) my brain interprets as a sign that something is wrong. I have to get Benadryl and go to the post office. Then I will give Sprockerson his Benadryl and then I will go running and then I will come home and then I will be very calm and very productive and.

OMG. There is a bee the size of an eyeball (a large eyeball, like an elephant’s eyeball) outside the window trying to get in. The Miao House is under siege. Could it be the same bee that I so kindly released to the wild?

Batcat will protect Sprockers while I’m gone.

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19 Responses to Sprupdate

  1. Many huge hugs coming your way. I hope the Benadryl does the trick. Silly McSprockersons, turning his medication into Benadrool. It’s GOOD FOR YOU, Sprocky!

  2. lahgitana says:

    thank you for update. poor LM and Sprockers!

  3. jimmie chew says:

    I hope he is better soon, I hate when kittys dont feel good, it makes me so sad. Take good care of him he is a great little cat.

  4. mariser says:

    sorry about the Benadrool. you may be right to be a little concerned; I’d thought Sprocket would be back to his sprocketting in a day.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever taken Benadryl, but a side effect is that it can make one sleepy and a bit loopy (at least in humans). hope your baby Sprockers is back to normal soon so you can be too.

  5. trishc1812 says:

    Thank you for the update. I wonder if he’s acting funny because one of those bees got through the fluffiness of his tail and managed to sting him. Poor little Sprockers…Poor LM, too.

  6. What mariser said. I don’t take Benadryl myself unless I’m having an extreme reaction to something, like penicillin (I’ve been allergic for over ten years now): I get so sleepy I’ve literally dropped to the floor and slept there for hours. It has the opposite effect on my younger daughter, who has an allergy to mold and certain weed pollens: she gets so weird and giggly that I’ve had to lock the doors and keep her in bed. Also, if this is his first allergic reaction to a trigger, it’s not unusual for the symptoms to last for 24 hours or longer. He is young and strong, however, so I’d just make sure he’s getting lots of fluids and he doesn’t go leaping off of stairs or bookcases—Benadryl also affects your balance.

    Take care of yourself too. Don’t worry yourself sick on account of this. If things don’t get better in a couple of days, take him back to the vet.

    • littlemiao says:

      I’m so hopeless. I think he is pretty much better but I’m taking him to the vet today anyway. Last night, he started getting sprocketty, which was reassuring. I don’t know how long it is reasonable for the effects of Benadryl to last, but LT pointed out to me that he did get an adult pill whereas he is much smaller than an adult human.

  7. Dianda says:

    Poor Sprocket. 😦 I hoped he would feel better by now.

  8. Oh dearie me……we’re so sorry Sprocket isn’t over the “whateverness” ! The giant bees attacking your house certainly is a curious thing and since you DID find one inside the house it’s more possible than ever that Sprockie could have been stung on his tail or back or both???? Benadrool (!) may be taking time to kick in and help…..but I’m sure if he’s not back to his Sprocketty little self in another day or two it wouldn’t hurt to visit the vet again. Golly we hope all’s well – AND I agree that you should make sure and take good care of yourself too – don’t worry yourself to pieces.

    Hugs from Sam and his Mom

  9. oh dear…I know what it is like to dread having to get medicated…I am not very good at taking it either…and I am so sad to learn Sprocket is still having left over troubles from his bee sting…sending emergency rations of paw pats and hugs, Savannah

  10. Lurkertype says:

    Sprockers is an XTREEEM kitty so he has to have a slightly extreme reaction. It really does sound like some sort of allergy. The Benadrool (LOL) is probably making him a little off, along with whatever the allergen is.

    hugs for all!

  11. Jaypo says:

    Oh dear, the bee! Do you see more than one, littlem? See my comment on your previous post, about carpenter bees.
    The Benadrool must be making him woozy… I LOL’d at Benadrool too!

  12. e2thec says:

    It is so hard to see our furkids suffering… I feel for both you and Sprockers.

    And while I know that e-vests are pricey, it really sounds like you need a follow-up with his regular vet within the next day or so…

  13. orientallily001 says:

    Oh my poor Sprocket… medicines almost ALWAYS taste extremely yucky but your mama wouldn’t give them to you unless they were gonna help. So try to bear with her, my friend. Is that the right bear? Anyway… have patience with the mama. She loves you and just wants to see you up and about like your usual self. purrs
    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

  14. Oh dear..I hope he’s back to his bouncy self very soon!

  15. e2thec says:

    one other thought – animals know when we are anxious about them, and that can make them anxious, too.

    I have experienced that with Nibbles a number of times when she had to have surgery for abscesses and, last year, got freaked out and refused to take a yucky-tasting med. In that case, she kept jumping up on a shelf in her exercise pen, and ripping cardboard like there was no tomorrow…. when I was able to get an alternative med (could be applied to the skin insider her ears), she stopped doing the jumping/ripping thing and went back to normal.

    She wasn’t crazy about the in-ear med, but I guess it was so much better than the bitter liquid stuff that she could be much more relaxed about it. (no more need to eat something terrible 2x a day!)

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