[miao archives] Mani Yawning in 2005

This may be one of the very first Miao photos I ever posted, back in the early days of Vox.

Mani Yawns

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9 Responses to [miao archives] Mani Yawning in 2005

  1. What a great photo! Mani’s whisker flare is remarkable….cat yawns are so interesting I think! Beautiful cat………….:)

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Dianda says:

    What a beautiful cat!

  3. mbavaresco says:

    I love this photo, because I really love bigh open mouths!

  4. Fantastic whiskerage and toe floof!

  5. Aloooohaa, Littlemiao and Sprocket and Chun. Is anyone home??? It’s time!!! Head over to my place when you have a minute. I’m so excited!!!

  6. Oh MOL! You even made TBT yawn… Us too, of course.

  7. robpixaday says:

    AWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Long time ago…
    Mani wasn’t yawning, he was yelling, “VOX!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. Sara Hopkins says:

    It was a search for Vox mentions that brought me back to you! It has been far too long, and I have only started blogging again TODAY after not knowing what to do after Vox vanished. I am hoping to find everyone again after such a long hiatus. So happy to see the Miaos again!

Miao & Purr!

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