Productive Sprockersons!

I accomplished almost everything on my list yesterday! I even rearranged furniture in my bedroom so I could fit in another bookcase and I watched another episode of Doctor Who. That being said, my room is nowhere near organized, but the dust-bunny population is under control. I took a few photos of Miao Brothers, but the only ones that turned out remotely usable were these of Sprockers.

sprockers 4-8-2012 9-58-14 AM
sprockers 4-8-2012 9-58-06 AM
sprockers 4-8-2012 9-57-54 AM
sprockers 4-8-2012 9-57-12 AM
sprockers 4-8-2012 9-56-07 AM

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10 Responses to Productive Sprockersons!

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I love some of the positions Sprockers gets into — without that leg, he can configure himself differently and odder than any other kitteh.

  2. lauowolf says:

    That’s because he’s like the Best Posing Cat in the World.
    I’m not sure you can actually take a bad picture of the Sprock.
    And YAY for another bookcase.

  3. Mr. Guilt says:

    That is clearly the behavior of a cat who is disturbed by the various cleaning apparatus and upheval around him. Happens on the Masi Mara all the time.

  4. Laurie says:

    Lovely pics! I was very productive this weekend, too — it must be catching.

  5. nadbugs says:

    ChairCat Sprockers, calling the board-meeting of the birds to order. Before he eats them.

  6. I love that last pose. Sprocket looks like he’s ready to pounce on someone.

  7. Can’t imagine a less than adorable photo of the Sprockster! He makes being “blobbular” totally delightful!

    Pam (and Sam)

  8. robpixaday says:

    Hooray for organizing. And for controlling those dustbunnies!!!!

    Sprockers is looking marvelous!

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