I’m still here and so are the Miao Brothers and -lings

Here are a couple fresh photos from today. I haven’t posted much lately and one of the reasons is because I haven’t taken many new photos. I’ve been sad and sleepy and all I’ve done in my spare time is read, cuddle kitties, and watch Doctor Who. I miss all my wonderful peeps and I will do my best catching up.

Three Miao Brothers doing what they do best: napping
miao brothers 4-6-2012 4-23-31 PM

colorpoint snuggles
tashimani 4-6-2012 4-23-40 PM

In other news:
Sprocket’s ruff is fluffing out.

You can kind of tell in this photo where he is posing with one of my cookbooks.
vegan planet sprocket 4-6-2012 4-25-06 PM

Right now he is sprocketting around the house looking for someone to pounce on and attacking chair legs.

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23 Responses to I’m still here and so are the Miao Brothers and -lings

  1. Gotta keep those pesky chairlegs in line! Way to go, Sprockers!

    Good to see you, Little Miao, I’ve missed you. *hugs and many of them*

    Thanks for the pics of the Miaos. Cuddling kitties is a good thing to do when you’re sad.

  2. lauowolf says:

    Oh, yay, there you are.
    I’m glad the Doctor was there for you.

  3. Mr. Lurketype says:

    Sprocket pretending to be an evil genius, plotting to take over the world, but we all know that the facade will shatter when he breaks out in a goofy grin.

    Boing, boing, boing; commin atcha!!

  4. Lurkertype says:

    “Hello, my name is Sprocket and yes, I am handsome.”

    Tash and Mani are color-coordinated with each other and the blanket.

  5. Yay! I’m so happy to see you all again! The Miaos are looking as dignified as always. And Sprocket’s ruff is getting to be very regal-looking… I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling down. Maybe you have what my human had – she watched all of the available seasons of Downton Abbey and London Hospital last week. 😦

    • littlemiao says:

      I must have had the same thing your human had. I also watched the first season of Downton Abbey last week. Will have to check out London Hospital too, when the need arises. But more TV time means more kitty-cuddle time, so there’s a silver lining.

      *pedro hugs*

  6. msmouse7 says:

    Glad to hear from you! I was beginning to get worried. Looks like the Miao’s are doing good, even though they are being sprocketed.

  7. So happy to see a post from the Miaos and -lings in our inbox this morning! Have been hoping things are OK with you all and it appears napping and sprocketing are carrying on as they should be. Sorry you’ve been sad – we don’t want you to be sad! Grab a passing cat, give it a cuddle and a snuggle – that ALWAYS puts a smile on a human’s face (especially if a Sprockers is involved).

    Hugs from Sammy AND his Mom

  8. Laurie says:

    It’s good to see you pop in, LittleM. Sometimes you just have to withdraw and coccoon with comfort food, comfort TV and comfort kitties. We all do from time to time.

  9. Lauri says:

    Hello, littleM! So sorry you are sad, but like Laurie said, sometimes you have to retreat to some comforts and wait for sadness to go.
    Big hugs!!!
    Sprocket’s ruff is looking lovely! He’s getting to be a big boy!

  10. Best wishes to you! It’s great to see these wonderful photographs of the Miaos and -lings!

  11. ailurous says:

    The first photo is adorable!
    Anyway, Welcome back!
    Glad to know you’re still there. 🙂

  12. Those chair legs can be downright pesky! Glad to see you and the miaolings back.

  13. lahgitana says:

    Does Sprocket curl his whole body around the legs and kick at ’em?

    Glad you’re feeling better. I know that I always get good stuff from my blog peeps when I manage to post.

  14. eLeN says:

    Thank you I was having miao withdrawal symptoms.

  15. robpixaday says:


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